Mr Tumble is a Gold Medal Winner!

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We have some very exciting news to share with you all (if you follow us on Facebook or Twitter you may be able to guess what it is). Our Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes Mr Tumble soft toy has won an award from in the Sixth Annual Independent Toy Awards!

We were given the Gold award and all gold winners have to be first class products and also respected and trusted within the independent toy trade. We’re absolutely honoured to be included in this prestigious group and proud to be recognised and awarded by the Independent Toy Awards, 2014.

We won gold for the Special Needs Category. Mr Tumble is from the much loved television show, Something Special shown on Cbeebies.  Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes Mr Tumble is a fun and loveable toy that encourages children to get active! All you need to do is press Mr Tumble’s hand and he’ll give you instructions on how to find either his head, shoulders, knees or toes.  He’ll also sing a rendition of the well-known children’s song and his bow tie will light up once you've managed to go through all of his instructions successfully.  He’s extremely soft, totally huggable and suitable for children aged 10 months and over.

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Sooty and Sweep are Here!

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Do we have any Sooty and Sweep fans out there? Of course we do! Sooty and Sweep have fans of all ages so we were delighted when we became the master toy partner for The Sooty Show.  We took our Sooty and Sweep toys to the London Toy Fair in London earlier this year. They caused a huge amount of excitement and we were even joined by Richard Cadell who was surrounded by the press very quickly. It was such a great experience!

We’ve had lots of enquiries about our Sooty and Sweep collection, especially about when they will be available in the Golden Bear Toys store. Well, that time has arrived and both Sooty and Sweep are now available to buy directly from us, as well as our retail partners.

Sooty Hand Puppet - £9.99

The Sooty hand puppet is made from super soft fabric and he gives the best hugs! This is a great toy that helps children explore their imagination with their best buddy Sooty.

Sweep Hand Puppet £9.99

Sweep is as soft and loveable as Sooty but he comes with a built in squeak!

Now it’s your turn, who’s your favourite? Sooty or Sweep?

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Helping Children Settle into the School Routine

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The new school year has arrived and many children have left nursery school and begun their journey at their new primary school. Many adults find the whole transition period more stressful than their children. But even those children that are enjoying the new environment can have problems with tiredness and the simple realisation that school takes place for most of the day, five times a week.  

We thought we would share a few tips to help the next few weeks run smoothly for you both:

  • Rest is vital. It’s all too easy to get caught up in the whole after school clubs routine and hobbies but children need time to relax and unwind. You’ll need to enforce the bedtime routine and provide your child with plenty of down time after school and at weekends too.
  • Be organised and help your child by setting a good example. Set out the school uniform, sort out the book bag and prepare the lunch boxes too. By doing so your child will be aware of the fact that school is happening again the next day plus the mornings aren’t as hectic.
  • Encourage communication. Don’t fill your child’s head up with stories that might be worrying to them, such as bullying and don’t force friendships to happen. Let your child get settled in but let them know that you are there if they do have any concerns. Set aside some time each day to have a private catch up.
  • Try not to show your concerns, be encouraging and positive. If you’re nervous or worried about the interactions in the playground your child is more likely to pick up on them and feel nervous themselves. If you do have any concerns speak to your child’s teacher, they are there to help.

Do you have any tips to share? Visit Golden Bear Toys on Facebook and share your advice on our wall. 

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Henry Hugglemonster's Roar is Spreading!

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Henry Hugglemonster Roar Back Review

As you know we love to hear great feedback and we’ve been so lucky to have some amazing reviews for one of our latest additions to our Henry Hugglemonster toy collection, Henry Hugglemonster Roar Back! We thought we’d share some of the amazing reviews with you, perhaps you’ll find some new parent blogs to follow!

Mama Geek

Mama Geek and her two girls loved Henry so much they gave him five stars out of five! They haven’t even seen the popular cartoon that shows on Disney Junior but that didn’t stop them from having fun. Both Georgie and Lydia had lots of fun making Henry speak and joining in with his roars. You can read the entire review here.

Modern Mummy

Evie loves Henry Hugglemonster and is a huge Disney fan. The photos on the Modern Mummy blog are just adorable, go and take a look and feel the love! Click here to read the review.

Redhead Baby Led

 When LP and Little Man reviewed Roar Back they were introduced to the cartoon that they had never watched before. Little Man seemed to make a new best friend and both the children had great fun playing with their new friend. Take a look at the fabulous photos here.

Blog By Baby

Emma was already a big fan of the show so she was more than happy helping her mum review Henry Hugglemonster! Thankfully mum was also a big fan and she gave us a big thumbs up! Take a read of the review here.

Sparkles and Stretchmarks

Tyne already had a great roar so it was only natural that he was given the task of testing out his new Henry Hugglemonster out for his mum. Tyne’s cousin also had a try, read what they thought here.

Do you read parent blogs? Come and tell us your favourite over on our Facebook page.

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V-Dubs are Finally Here!

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We’re happy to announce that our brand new V-Dub collection is finally available right here on Golden Bear Toys. If you’re a fan of V-Dubs you can now share your passion with your children and introduce them to the classic Beetles and campervans that we all know and love. Alternatively you can simply indulge yourself with a fun smaller version of your dream cars.

We have a wide range of V-Dubs for fans over the age of three. The V-Dubs Stylie collection retails at only £4.99 and they make excellent collectables, treats and gift. Each of the Stylies (there are six to collect including Beetles and Campervans) are fully customisable and come with a set of stickers so you can stamp your own personality on it. It's also perfectly sized for small hands and made from durable plastic.

If you want something with a bit more power behind it you’ll love the V-Dub Speeders. These awesome convertible VW’s come with a launch handle, press the button and watch as your campervan or Beetle races away. Again each of the Speeders come with two sets of stickers for full customisation. They’re suitable for children over the age of 3 and there are four to collect.

Ready to rev your engines? If so check out the V-Dub custom charger campervan. Rev your engine by pulling out the handle and when you’re ready press the button and watch it zoom off. There are two to collect, they’re fully customisable with the themed sticker sheets and batteries are included.

Which is your favourite V-Dub? Come and tell us on Twitter by tagging @GoldenBearToys in your Tweet. 


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