Keeping the Kids Entertained on a Budget

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Keeping Children Entertained on a Budget

A recent study by Travelodge stated that parents are preparing to spend thousands of pounds keeping their children entertained during the summer holidays. On average parents spend on £1,500 over the six week period, which is an extortionate amount. Not everyone has that kind of money to spend on entertainment but the good news is there are plenty of ways you can help your children fight off the boredom for much less. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Sort out the bedroom and the toy box. You are bound to stumble across several toys that your children have forgotten about. Get your kids involved, they will soon spot the loved toys that have been neglected for months!
  • Check what’s happening in your local area. There are plenty of free or low cost events happening all over the country that put on entertainment for the whole family.
  • Explore your neighbourhood. Pack a small picnic and some drinks and go on an adventure. Pick a direction and see what you can find.
  • Build a den in the garden or the house if it’s raining outside. Dens are great fun for all ages, especially if you’re able to leave it up long enough to sleep in!
  • Gather together your recycling and get creative, see what you can make from the bits and bobs that are headed to the recycling bin.
  • Build some animal habitats in the garden. Animals like hedgehogs and even bees need your help in finding somewhere suitable to make their home.
  • Get out the chalks and play hopscotch on the garden path, then let your children draw too, they’ll be entertained for hours.
  • Have a picnic in the garden with all your children’s toys. Bring out Woolly, Mr Tumble, Peppa Pig and all your child’s favourite characters to join in the fun. Invite one or two friends over too.
  • Organise a treasure hunt inside and outside in the garden. Make the clues, hide some treats and see who’s able to solve the hunt in the quickest time.
  • Dressing up is great fun, let your children rummage through your wardrobe and get creative with your clothing.

How do you plan on keeping your children entertained this summer? Tweet @GoldenBearToys with your ideas. 

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Ben and Holly’s Little Castle Magical Playset - Last Chance Alert

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We have very limited stock of the much sought after Ben and Holly Castle now available to buy from our online store. This is a fantastic playset from the hugely popular and massively successful children’s television show, Ben and Holly’s Magical Kingdom, which is shown on Nick Jr and Channel Five.  The playset has been hugely popular and as a result very difficult to come by. Prices for the playset have reached the hundreds on sites such as eBay, but there’s no need to pay so much! We have it in stock for just £29.99 with free delivery for all orders over £25.

The castle opens up to reveal six rooms and accessories so there’s plenty of fun to be had with this magical castle to recreate stories seen on the show or to make up your own.  The set comes with four articulated figures too:

Nanny plum


Ben Elf

Princess Holly

Holly’s wand is included and not only does it cast six magic spells it can also be used to make Princess Holly and Fleur, the magic fairies, fly!

This is the last chance to buy the Ben and Holly’s Little Castle playset from us. We have very limited stock so come and order yours today to avoid disappointment. The Castle is suitable for children aged 3 years and over. If you miss out there is still time to treat your little Ben and Holly fan to our sketchy pad and dominoes set, view the entire Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom range by clicking on this link

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The Question on Everyone’s Lips – Sooty or Sweep?

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If you had to pick your favourite, Sooty or Sweep, who would you choose? Well now’s your time to ask this almost impossible question and make a choice.  Once you’ve put some thought into your answer head straight over to to cast your vote. Once you do you’ll be entered into a competition to win 1 of 20 Sooty or Sweep hand puppets from our brand new Sooty collection.

If you’re having difficulty making your mind up you might want to check out Sooty’s campaign. He isn’t taking things lightly, he’s set up the official Sooty campaign page and he’s also sharing his video to try and win some votes.  But don’t think Sweep’s prepared to be a push over, you can read Sweep’s manifesto and watch his video too. It’s a difficult decision for most, can you come up with a winner?

Vote Sooty!




Vote Sweep!



 Remember to head on over to cast your vote and share the campaign with your friends. The question on everyone’s lips will be answered soon!X

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Mr Tumble Fun, All Day Long

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Brand New Toy from Mr Tumble Something Special Range

It’s lovely to watch children interact with the loveable Mr Tumble. He has such a fun and friendly personality children can’t help but get involved in the show. Thanks to Mr Tumble and his use of Makaton many children are learning to express and communicate their wishes, wants, thoughts and feelings, even from a very young age. All the while they are being fully entertained even while they’re learning a whole host of new things.

It’s clear that we love Mr Tumble from Something Special just as much as the children do. That’s why we’re pleased to share with you the brand new Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes Mr Tumble from our Something Special toy collection. This is a brightly coloured toy that helps to get children moving while playing. All they need to do is press Mr Tumble’s hand and listen to what he has to say. Mr Tumble will guide the children through some fun instructions, asking them to find his head, shoulders, knees and toes. When it’s all over Mr Tumble then finishes the game by singing the well-known song while his bow tie lights up.

The Head, Shoulders Knees and Toes Mr Tumble is perfect for all fans of the show aged 10 months and older. He does require 2 x AAA batteries but there are batteries included so he’s ready to start performing as soon as he arrives. You can find Mr Tumble available right here at Golden Bear Toys for just £29.99.

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Playing with Dirt

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We worry about germs and children getting sick, it’s only natural. However, it’s a good idea to allow for some mucky play and the summer is the ideal time for your child to go out in the back garden and get dirty. A recent study suggests that being exposes to microbes from an early age is essential for the immune system to develop normally.  Without this exposure there’s an increased risk of autoimmune diseases and it lowers the chance of getting asthma in later life. This supports what many parents have already believed, that exposure to dirt is a great way of reducing allergies and strengthening the immune system.

If you’re still not keen on the idea of your little one spending the afternoon making mud pies and playing with snails or worms perhaps these other benefits will help persuade you.

  1. Encouraging outdoor play is an excellent way of getting children away from technology such as Tablets, television screens and laptops. While it’s great that kids are more tech savvy these days it’s not good if they spend the majority of their time on these devices. Too much use of technology can cause problems with sleep and there are possible links with depression and obesity.
  2. Life is full of risks and children that spend a lot of time outdoors are able to understand and assess risks more easily. They are more likely to challenge themselves and feel motivated and happy when they solve a problem or overcome a challenge.
  3. Playing outdoors is fun! When you’re having fun you smile and laugh more and laughing is brilliant for reducing stress levels and can help lower blood pressure. It’s a great idea for the parents to go out and have a laugh with their children too, the health benefits are for everyone.
  4. Dirt has been shown to be great for the brain. The bacterium that is found in soil can lift the mood by raising serotonin levels in the brain which also increases learning.
  5. Playing outdoors and experimenting with dirt helps us all to understand the world we live in. It’s interesting! Letting your children plant some seeds and watch them grow with some care is an excellent and fun way of learning about plants and life.
There you have five great reasons to encourage playing with soil and getting outside. What are you waiting for?

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