Fun Ways to Spend Easter Weekend

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Easter fun for the Family

Easter is the perfect time to enjoy the spring sunshine together as a family. If you have the luxury of some precious time off why not plan a few days out together to burn off all those chocolate eggs. Here are three suggestions we think you’ll enjoy.

Cbeebies Live!

There’s still time to book your tickets to watch the excellent Cbeebies Live show on their Easter tour. This lively show is led by Justin Fletcher MBE (everyone loves Mr Tumble from Something Special!), along with MisterMaker, Andy Day, Mr Bloom, Rastamouse, the ZingZillas, Nina and Katy Ashworth. Book your Cbeebies Live tickets and enjoy a music filled show with the stars of Cbeebies.

At-Bristol Science Centre

Easter isn’t all about chocolate eggs. Take your children along to the At-Bristol Science Centre and enjoy the Spring Alive exhibition that is celebrating springtime nature. There is a hatchery where your children might be lucky enough to see a new chick emerging from its shell. There’s also a mini garden and children have the chance to dissect a daffodil and investigate plants. There are other activities to enjoy too, it’s a great day out and well worth a visit.

Kew gardens in Surrey

Kew gardens have joined forces with the Roald Dhal Museum and the Story Centre to celebrate 50 years of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory at the Kew Gardens in Surrey. Children can spend their time designing their own chocolate bars and tasting Georgian chocolate recipes. There’s an egg hunt, face painting and plenty of unusual plants that are used in making sweets.


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Henry Hugglemonster Magazine to Launch in the UK

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Henry Hugglemonster Magazine Launch UK

Image Source: Licensing Biz

Henry Hugglemonster fans, this is for you. Panini UK is launching a new monthly magazine dedicated to everything Hugglemonster! Each month the new 36 page title will be packed full of fun puzzles and learning activities along with entertaining feature stories, and care tips for Hugglemonster pets, all aimed at pre-school aged children. 

Free Gifts and Stickers with Every Issue

If that’s not enough for little fans of the Disney Junior Show there will also be a free gift and sticker sheet with every issue. Pre-schoolers will also enjoy the cut out and play activities! With so much fun packed into every issue the Henry Hugglemonster magazine is expected to be a huge hit, complimenting the popular television show and Henry Hugglemonster toy range.

Henry Hugglemonster Magazine Launching Soon!

The first Henry Hugglemonster magazine is due for release on April 17th (good timing for Easter!) and will cost just £2.99. The first free gift is reported to be a Music Monster Set. Perhaps this will be a great buy to keep children occupied over the Easter holidays?

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Ben and Holly Little Castle Magical Playset in High Demand

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Pre-order Ben and Holly's Little Castle Magical Playset

Do you have a fan of Ben and Holly’s Magical Kingdom? You’re not alone, little boys and girls up and down the country are still enjoying the popular British animated show that started life back in 2009. We are proud of our range of Ben and Holly's toys available via our online shop and through our carefully selected partners, such as Amazon.

The Toy in Demand

One of the most popular toys in our collection is the Ben and Holly’s Little Castle Magical Playset. Due to its popularity the stocks have fallen very low, making it difficult to get hold of. As a result the playset is selling on sites such as eBay for £199.99! The good news is there’s no need to pay such extortionate prices. We are now taking pre-orders for the Little Castle Magical Playset right here at Golden Bear Toys. The price is just £29.99 and the castle will be made available around June 16 2014 (estimated date). So if you have a fan of the show who is eager for the playset come and place your order. This is a last chance limited offer so order now to avoid disappointment.

Ben and Holly’s Little Castle Magical Playset has six rooms and comes complete with several accessories including Holly’s wand, Nanny plum, Ben Elf and Princess Holly and Fleur.  It’s suitable for children over 36 months due to the small parts. Don’t miss out and avoid paying shocking prices online! Click here and place your order the Little Castle Magical Playset today

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Prankster Fun for April Fools’ Day

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Pranks to Play on April Fools' Day

April Fools’ Day isn’t a holiday, but it’s a day that is celebrated in many countries including here in the UK. It’s a day for fun and for playing practical jokes on one another, the kind of day Dennis the Menace and Gnasher love! If you have a fan of Dennis the Menace, the Beano or of playing pranks we have collected a few jokes you can teach your youngster (or pull on them yourself) if you’re up for a bit of a giggle.

A Savoury Cupcake

Place cut up cooked sausages and a spoonful of baked beans in the bottom of some cupcake cases and cover them with some mash potato, previously coloured with food dye. Bring out the tray full of delicious looking cupcakes for the family, yummy! Let everyone take one off the plate and then watch as they discover they aren’t cupcakes at all…

Whoopee Time!

You can’t beat the classics, so why try? Take a whoopee cushion to school or work with you and put it under the chairs of as many people as possible throughout the day. Or simply have fun with it in the home; it never fails to make people laugh!

There’s a Worm in my Apple!

This is a great prank to play on all the family. All you need is an apple and a few chewy wiggly worms for your local sweet store. Carefully poke a hole in the apple and push the sweet inside, and then cover the hole opening with a bit of the apple you cut out so it looks complete. It’s a bit tricky to do but it’s worth it. The person who bites into the apple gets a bit of a shock when they bite into it, but it’s a good shock as they get a sweet treat to go with their healthy snack!

The Switcheroo

Empty the salt and peppers and fill them up with sugar and cinnamon. Now get the camera ready so you can capture the faces of your family as they taste flavours they weren’t expecting!

Time Master

When everyone is asleep go around the home and put all the clocks forward an hour but make sure your alarm is set for the right time so no one is late for work or school! Wake up the family exclaiming that you’re all running late and they need to hurry up! Watch everyone panic that they are late the panic and the relief unfold when you reveal it was just an April Fools’ prank.

What pranks will you be playing on April 1st? Please come and share them with us on Facebook or Twitter

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What Toys Can I Buy my Newborn?

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Toys suitable from birth

There are plenty of toys out there for children, even the youngest of children from 0 to 6 months. These are the toys that are safe and that help to support early development, focusing first on discovery. The first six months are when your baby is getting to grips with all of their senses. Therefore your baby will benefit from playing with toys that help them to develop touch, hearing and sight.

What Toys are Popular?

Babies aged between 0 to 6 months old love contrasting colours that are bold and bright, such as the primary colours. They are curious, wanting to feel things with their fingers and their mouths, which is why it’s important to look for potential choking hazards and to only by toys suitable for their age range. The toys should be light, soft and easy to handle.  It’s also beneficial to look for toys that will react to your baby – such as toys that make sounds, rattles and even baby safe unbreakable mirrors so they can see their reflection.

Here are a few suggestions on what toys to buy if you’re preparing for your new baby or looking for new toys for your growing child:

Safety First

It’s important to learn to read the labels and packaging of all the toys you’re considering, or checking the details on the websites when buying online. If you cannot see the suggested age range it’s better to avoid giving the toy to a baby and looking for a safer alternative. Look for manufacturers and toy suppliers that follow the safety standards in the UK, especially the British Toy and Hobby Lion Mark. If you’d like to learn more about our safety and quality standards please click here.  



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