What’s New with Henry Hugglemonster?

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We have recently added a few exciting new toys to our Henry Hugglemonster toy collection (and there’s a sale on too!). So what’s new for the fans of the popular television show?

Henry Hugglemonster Hugglehouse Playset! £29.99

This is a fantastic playset that provides hours of roarsome fun. The playset is portable so it’s easy to move between rooms or even houses (ideal when sending the children off to the grandparents for the weekend!). It’s suitable for children 3 and over and has special features such as:

  • Opening roof top
  • 15 accessories
  • Henry and Ivor figurines
  • The monsters eye in the window
  • Rotating table

Henry Hugglemonster Roarsome Scooter! £14.99

The Roarsome Scooter (for ages 3 and over) is the ideal toy for any Henry Hugglemonster fan that enjoys a bit of zoom in their playtime. Henry loves nothing more than being pushed along on his zippy scooter and he loves to say his favourite phrases when his tummy is squeezed. Henry can be detached from his scooter too and has articulated limbs for added fun during playtime.

Why not head on over to see what else is new in the Golden Bear and Henry Hugglemonster world. Don’t forget to check out the money saving deals currently available too!






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Fun Activities to Fight Off the January Blues

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It’s January, for many of us that means we’re all out of money until payday and our activities are being dictated by the weather. The January blues can quickly settle into the home and as a result we end up tense and miserable and so do the kids! Try out these fun 3 indoor activities designed to give you and your children a boost.

  1. Get up and get dancing. We have so many screens in our homes these days and even toddlers are enjoying time on tablets or watching their favourite characters on television. It’s easy to rely on these screens when the wind, rain and snow cause problems with getting outside. The downside is these gadgets don’t help us to get rid of that pent up energy inside. To counteract this we recommend making sure you spend at least one hour in the home dancing or exercising with your children. Turn on their favourite songs, put on a video and jump around together to get the heart rate up. You know you’re doing it right when you warm up. Happy hormones are released that are wonderful for fighting off the winter blues. Plus it’s a free activity that you can do multiple times a day.
  2. The home jungle gym. If your children are missing the park why not turn your biggest room into a substitute play gym. Use all the cushions and pillows in the home, find big cardboard boxes and blankets and transform the space. Create different sections for different activities such as crawling through the tunnels, jumping on the cushions and rolling on the pillows. Encourage your child to decide what the obstacles should be and to change the design when they come up with a new idea.
  3. Tidy the home. This doesn’t sound like fun to us adults but young children can find this activity enjoyable. Think about the jobs that you’ve been putting off like cleaning down the skirting boards or make a start at putting away the pile of ironing that’s been growing since New Year. Keep each job in the home as short as you can, approximately 5 -15 minutes depending on your childs' attention span and make them fun too. Play some music, talk about colours, use bubbles and thank your child for being so helpful in the home. A cluttered home equals a cuttered mind so tackling the mess will help you all to feel better. 

Do you have some ideas on surviving January with a toddler in the home? Come and tell us on Facebook or Tweet @GoldenBearToys on Twitter.

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Hey Duggee Coming Soon to CBeebies!

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If your children loved the Hey Duggee Christmas special then they are going to be so excited when the brand new series is launched on January 12,, 2015. The debut Christmas show introduced Duggee and the Squirrels in a festive episode that involved decorating the Christmas tree and delivering presents to friends. Duggee is a big brown dog, who is the leader of the Squirrel Club. There are five squirrels in the club, Norrie, Betty, Tag, Roly and Happy. Each episode sees the Squirrels achieving something new and the Squirrels get rewarded with a badge before their parents pick them up. It’s a bit like scouts but for Squirrels!

Hey Duggee is all about heading out into the world and meeting friends and having fun together. There’s lots of humour in the show so mums and dads will probably find themselves drawn into the Hey Duggee world too!

At Golden Bear Toys we’re currently working hard on developing some fun new toys featuring the loveable characters of the show. If you’d like to be one of the first to know when these toys will be available please sign up to our newsletter found here.

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A Fun End to the Christmas Holidays

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Fighting off the January Blues

Are you feeling fed up of being cooped up in the home? There are a few days left before schools go back, tempers can be a little frayed and children are probably fed up of being at home. It’s time for everyone to have a little more fun before life returns to normal. We have 10 fun winter time activities that will hopefully give you all a lift and fight off those January blues.

  1. Take down the decorations. Say farewell to Christmas and pack away all of the festive decorations together.  If the rooms seem a little bare ask your child to make some new artwork to hang on the walls.
  2. Fun in the kitchen. Young children love to help out in the kitchen and it’s a great way of getting some batch cooking out of the way for the month ahead. There are so many things you can cook together and children can help out with little jobs like gathering the ingredients, mixing and pouring. CBeebies have a great recipe for Chocolate Crispy Cakes you can find here.
  3. Christmas labels. Don’t put all your Christmas cards and sweet wrappers in the recycling bin, take them down and make them into something useful. Children will love to help you turn them into labels or even repurpose them into new Christmas cards or decorations ready for next year.
  4. Make a reading corner. Gather all the books together and place them in one corner of the room. Add some comfortable cushions and throws and some pretty fairy lights to create the perfect relaxing corner where your child can snuggle down with their favourite stories. Encourage your child to sort out the books with you, selecting their favourites and perhaps letting go of the books they’re too old for.
  5. Make a film. It’s time for fancy dress and some improvisation. Grab the camcorder or your mobile and make a movie that you can treasure forever. You could recreate the school play, sing songs or act out a favourite book or TV show.
  6. Go for a swim. Swimming is a brilliant way of releasing lots of energy and often precedes a good night’s sleep. Head to the local swimming pool or venture further afield if you’re already regulars.
  7. Clothes clear out. This will probably be a chore for you but it’s an activity lots of children enjoy. Head up to the wardrobes, have a fashion show and use the time clear out all the clothes your child has outgrown before taking them up the charity shop.
  8. Make sock puppets! If you’re feeling extra creative you could turn the clothes into new toys together. Sock puppets and sock toys are one of the easiest, here’s a great tutorial of how to make an Olaf sock toy.
  9. Make some slime! This is a great activity for all children who love to play in the snow. Follow this recipe to create some oozy glittery snow slime.
  10. Tidy up the toy box. Have a good clear out and find homes for all the new toys that entered your home over the Christmas period.

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Letting Go of Old Toys

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Letting Go of Old Toys

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Day. If you have small children you are now probably overrun with toys, the new mixing in with the old. As children go the old toys begin to get forgotten about and outgrown. Puzzles become too easy, pieces lost and old favourites get replaced by new ones. It’s the perfect time to have a good old clear out of the toy boxes, bedrooms, living rooms and playrooms, but what can you do with all those old toys?

Donate the Toys to Charity

There are endless charities that would love to receive your toys. Local charities can use the toys to make some money and also give them to children in their care. You might also like to telephone the hospitals, clinics and doctors surgeries to see if they would like to take some off your hands. Other donation ideas are contacting local playgroups and nursery schools as well as church groups.

Sell Your Old Toys

If you’d like to bump up your bank balance after Christmas you could try to sell your old toys. There is auction website such as eBay, but if you’d like to avoid charges and fees consider selling on local swap and sell websites. Take great photos of the toys and include all the information regarding what’s included, what’s missing and any issues the toy might have.

Reuse the Toys

Your child may be reluctant to let all of their old toys go, even if they rarely play with them anymore. If this is the case consider repurposing the toys so they’re able to perform a usable function rather than litter up the home. Here are some fun ideas to inspire you from Apartment Therapy.

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