Fun Activities for Bank Holiday Monday

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Bank Holiday Fun for the Family

Bank Holiday Monday means no school, no nursery and if you’re really lucky, a bit of a lie in too. It’s the perfect day to forget about the housework and spend the day together as a family, leaving all work at the office for just one more day. We have a few ideas on how to spend your Bank Holiday Monday, just in case you need a few ideas.

Eastnor Chilli Festival 2015 – This may not sound that fun for young children, but it’s full of amazing activities the youngsters will love. There’s loads of food to try and children can get involved by visiting the Children’s Cookery School or by simply playing in the castle grounds.

Sensational Butterflies at the Natural History Museum – Visit the museum and come face to face with beautiful butterflies from all over the world, including the blue morpho, the moon moth and the swallowtail.

Thomas the Tank Engine at East Lancashire Railway – Fans of Thomas the Tank Engine will never forget the day they got to go for a ride in him. Thomas and his friends will be at the railway from Saturday May 2 to Monday May 4, 2015. There will also be face painting, storytelling and an opportunity to meet the Fat Controller too!

A Picnic in the Woods – Pack up a picnic (and your waterproofs just to be on the safe side!) and spend a day out in your local woods. If you don’t have one nearby, take a look at the 100 Great British Woods and Forests to find your closest one for a fun, free day out.

If you’re staying at home why not plan a movie day, play some party games or have a BBQ in the garden if the weather is nice enough. What’s your idea of a fun Bank Holiday Monday? Come and tell us over on the Official Golden Bear Toys Facebook Page.


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New Something Special Toys Now Available

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We’ve added two brand new toys to our Something Special collection, perfect for little fans of the show that just can’t get enough of Mr Tumble.

The first brand new toy is the Something Special Mr Tumble Hand Puppet, priced at only £9.99. The hand puppet  is suitable for children aged over 10 months old. The puppet is soft and cuddly, made with bright fabrics and he has a loveable smiling embroidered face. This is the ideal toy to encourage imaginative play as you and your child bring him to life in your own hands.

We’re also proud to announce the new Something Special Microphone, perfect for children aged 3 years and over. The colourful and sturdy microphone features Mr Tumble and friends, fun phrases, very funny sounds, the Something Special theme tune and it works as a microphone too, children just love it. This is a brilliant toy that builds on imaginative play and also helps to increase confidence.

Don’t forget to check out the brand new Something Special toys from the popular television show on CBeebies, right here on Golden Bear Toys. You’ll even find some amazing bargains in our Something Special Sale!

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How to Help Your Child Learn

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Play may look like lots of fun, and it is, but it’s also an essential part of learning. While your child is running around, playing with toys, rolling balls, playingwith sand and with the water in the bath, your child is learning, solving problems, boosting social skills, increasing creativity and imagination, working on language skills and more! It’s amazing how much play teaches children and how much you can help your toddler learn simply by joining in and having fun together. Here are a few tips for the parents of busy toddlers to help them get the most fun and learning out of playing:

  • Ask your toddler questions and what he’s doing. Talk about colours, shapes, objects, movements etc.
  • Allow your child plenty of opportunity for free play – Let him lead the way and do what he wants to do.
  • Don’t worry about making a mess but do teach him how important it is to tidy up and the end of play.
  • Provide your toddler with plenty of toys that are age friendly and change them once your child has grown bored. It’s a good idea to keep one box of toys in the cupboard to alternate with the main toy box to keep your child’s interest for longer.
  • The toys box needs a variety of toys including: push toys, puzzles, soft toys, art supplies, books, activity centres, construction toys etc.
  • Use your imagination when playing and encourage your toddler to do the same.

Play time is a whole lot of fun, there’s no need to start worrying about using flash cards, simply encourage play and watch your toddler learn about the world around them and their abilities, they really are amazing.

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The Twirlywoos Characters

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We’re sure you’ve seen the Twirlywoos on CBeebies by now, and we’re pretty sure your little ones are already huge fans. We’ve been loving all the feedback we’ve been reading on Twitter and Facebook and we really can’t wait to finish working on the Twirlywoos toys and show them to you. We’ve asked our fans to share their favourite characters with us so we can be sure to make enough! Until then we thought we’d take a look into how all the loveable characters were created.

Steve Roberts is the Lead Creative and Writer on the Twirlywoos and he has shared some of the secrets behind the character creative. The shape of the body, legs and feed were inspired by ducks that Steve saw as he walked to work. The ducks made him smile as he watched them walking along the footpath and jumping into the canal.

Robins also played their part in inspiring the Twirlywoos bibs and the crests on top of the character’s heads have the look of a Cockatoo. So it’s clear that the Twirlywoos have been heavily inspired by birds, although they don’t have any wings, whereas Peekaboo is more of a sea urchin according to Steve.

Have you told us your child’s favourite character from the Twirlywoos? Visit us on Facebook and let us know.

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Learning with Schemas

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Have you ever wondered why your child loves to spend time filling bags or boxes up with toys or items in the living room, or why they enjoy rolling their balls or pushing the toy car round and round? These behaviours aren’t only about passing the time or having fun, your child is learning the whole time. Play patterns like these are known as schemas, and your child is discovering new things about the world around them and how things work.

According to research, there are lots of different types of schemas, including:

  • Moving up and down – vertical
  • Over and under
  • Going through
  • Round and round – circular
  • Putting things in other things – enclosure

Twirlywoos, the brand new hit children’s television show on CBeebies, bases each episode on a certain schema to compliment your child’s learning. Children begin using schemas from birth and as they grow the schemas become more challenging. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on how your child is playing so you’re able to recognise the schema they’re currently interested in. You can then begin introducing new toys or games that will complement their development and get their interest.

Learn more about schemas by watching Twirlywoos with your child or by visiting CBeebies Grown Ups.

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