The Twirlywoos Characters

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We’re sure you’ve seen the Twirlywoos on CBeebies by now, and we’re pretty sure your little ones are already huge fans. We’ve been loving all the feedback we’ve been reading on Twitter and Facebook and we really can’t wait to finish working on the Twirlywoos toys and show them to you. We’ve asked our fans to share their favourite characters with us so we can be sure to make enough! Until then we thought we’d take a look into how all the loveable characters were created.

Steve Roberts is the Lead Creative and Writer on the Twirlywoos and he has shared some of the secrets behind the character creative. The shape of the body, legs and feed were inspired by ducks that Steve saw as he walked to work. The ducks made him smile as he watched them walking along the footpath and jumping into the canal.

Robins also played their part in inspiring the Twirlywoos bibs and the crests on top of the character’s heads have the look of a Cockatoo. So it’s clear that the Twirlywoos have been heavily inspired by birds, although they don’t have any wings, whereas Peekaboo is more of a sea urchin according to Steve.

Have you told us your child’s favourite character from the Twirlywoos? Visit us on Facebook and let us know.

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Learning with Schemas

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Have you ever wondered why your child loves to spend time filling bags or boxes up with toys or items in the living room, or why they enjoy rolling their balls or pushing the toy car round and round? These behaviours aren’t only about passing the time or having fun, your child is learning the whole time. Play patterns like these are known as schemas, and your child is discovering new things about the world around them and how things work.

According to research, there are lots of different types of schemas, including:

  • Moving up and down – vertical
  • Over and under
  • Going through
  • Round and round – circular
  • Putting things in other things – enclosure

Twirlywoos, the brand new hit children’s television show on CBeebies, bases each episode on a certain schema to compliment your child’s learning. Children begin using schemas from birth and as they grow the schemas become more challenging. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on how your child is playing so you’re able to recognise the schema they’re currently interested in. You can then begin introducing new toys or games that will complement their development and get their interest.

Learn more about schemas by watching Twirlywoos with your child or by visiting CBeebies Grown Ups.

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Dads, Don’t Forget Mother’s Day!

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March 15, 2015 is Mothering Sunday, so we thought we’d put together five ways that you can have fun with your little one on this special day and let mum have a bit of a rest.

Make Handprint Cards

There’s no need to go out and buy a readymade card, save your pennies and make a card that comes from the heart. All you need is some card or paper, coloured paint and a crayon. Cover your child’s hand or foot in the non-toxic craft paint and let them have some fun making the print. Pick the clearest one to use as the card and let your child ‘sign’ the inside. This card will be treasured forever and it’s great fun too.

Breakfast in Bed

Ask your child to help you make mum a delicious breakfast in bed, but not too early, most mums appreciate a lie in! When you sense mum is waking up from her sleep head into the kitchen and put together her perfect breakfast. Make the foods she loves, be it a bowl of cereal and a cup of coffee or some pancakes covered in maple syrup. Place everything on a tray with the homemade card and present it to mum with lots of smiles.

Tidy Up

The small simple things like doing the housework for the day really do make a difference. While mum is enjoying her breakfast head back downstairs and have a good tidy up. Ask your child to help too, there are plenty of jobs they can do such as:

  • Putting away toys
  • Loading the washing machine or tumble dryer
  • Dusting
  • Sweeping

Head Outside

Let your wife enjoy a peaceful bath or shower for once. Take your child out to the local park and give mum an hour’s peace to pamper herself without any interruptions. Visit the local park, feed the ducks or visit a local play centre and get rid of some of that endless energy.

Spend Time Together

Play games, watch a movie, put on a play with your child’s favourite toys, just spend some time together in your family unit without any outside distractions like phones or computers.

How do you like to spend Mother’s Day? Come and visit the official Golden Bear Toys page on Facebook and let us know, we’d also love to see your cards too!

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The Inspiration Behind Something Special's Mr Tumble

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Mr Tumble

There was a lot of excitement in the This Morning studio on Wednesday morning, as Mr Tumble made his appearance on the popular morning television show.  Justin Fletcher, the man behind Mr Tumble, joined Philip and Amanda and he let everyone know that Philip was his source of inspiration. Watching Philip gave Justin the push to put together a showreel of his own and just three weeks later Justin managed to secure his first job in children’s television.

Mr Tumble is loved by toddlers and parents. He entertains and educates youngsters through his television shows, including Something Special, and has a popular stage show that takes him all over the country. One of the reasons Mr Tumble stands out is thanks to his use of the sign language, Makaton, throughout his shows.  The symbols and signs of Makaton support speech and helps children and adults to communicate together. Makaton is repeated frequently to help the children learn as they are entertained with games, songs and different activities, it’s a whole lot of fun.

Justin Fletcher has won BAFTAs and an MBE and continues to be loved by all his fans and their parents too.  If you love Mr Tumble remember we have plenty of Something Special toys available, that support learning in toddlers and are as loveable and huggable as Mr Tumble himself.

Tickets are still available for Justin & Friends: Mr Tumble’s Circus, the follow up show to the sell-our arena tour of 2013.  The show kicks off in Cardiff at the Motorpoint Arena on April, 1, 2015.

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Meet Great BigHoo, Toodloo, Chick and Chickedy!

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The Twirlywoos finally launched earlier this week (Monday, February 23) and the response to the CBeebies show has been nothing but excellent. Young fans are enjoying getting to know the loveable characters, Great Bighoo, Toodloo, Chickedy and Chick, and parents are enjoying the humour of the show too.

Anne Wood, the Twirlywoos creator, has made some of the best pre-school television shows such as In the Night Garden and the Teletubbies, so there was no doubt that these brand new characters would be a hit. CBeebies have the rights to show 50 episodes and Wood is hoping to produced a further 50 shows before stopping,  so expect to be entertained by this friendly and fun show for quite some time.

Aimed at three to four year olds, the show is described by Wood as being a situation comedy for pre-school aged children. The characters have a lot of silly fun together as they explore the human world, but as with all Wood’s shows, children’s development is encouraged through the episodes, characters and the situations they find themselves in.  The children watching the show will know more than the bird-like characters do, helping them to feel confident in their own personal learning.

We want to know what you think of the show and if your child has a favourite character yet? Come and visit us on the official Golden Bear Toys Facebook page and let us know by leaving a comment on our wall. We’re busy working on the official Twirlywoos toys so we want to make sure we have enough of the characters that are going to be in high demand by the time we launch the collection this July.

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