Trapped Wins Game Designer of the Year 2020

Trapped: Escape Room Game packs won Games Designer of the Year (Kids/Family Game) in the Play Creators Awards 2020!

“The team at The Fantastic Factory and ClueCrypted are delighted to win the Game Designer of the Year (Kids/Family Game) for Trapped at the Play Creators Awards 2020,” said David Snow, Owner at The Fantastic Factory.

“Thanks so much to all that voted for Trapped and to all our partners for taking the game to the masses in 2020/21. Our award will now take pride of place next to our swimming badges and Best William Shatner Impression Haven Holiday Parks 1986.”

Each box has everything you need to turn any room into an escape room. Clever clues to crack and puzzles to solve, all you need to add are the people to play and the cunning to escape/live the dream!

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