Voice Activated Smart Duggee Makes the 2020 DreamToys List

Interactive Smart Duggee

The Hey Duggee Interactive Smart Duggee made the 2020 Dream Toys list, chosen by a panel of retailers and industry experts!

Interactive Smart Duggee featured in the Dream Toys Animal Farm category

It features 3 modes of fun:

Mode 1: As a voice activation toy, this Duggee excels! Press the loveable dog’s paw to turn on voice-activation mode. Say, “Hey, Duggee” – then – “music”, “hug”, “friend” or “badge”! Duggee responds differently to each! Exciting new technology helps preschool kids with language development.

Mode 2: Question Mode. Press the purple question badge… Ask Duggee a question: he answers with a variety of woofs! Hilarity ensues for kids, and you! Adults and children alike know Duggee doesn’t speak. But true fans know exactly what he means!

Mode 3 is Press Mode: sound effect fun for everyone! With music, woofs noises and phrases from the hit animation. Includes exclusive phrases from the B.B.C. TV show’s narrator, Alexander Armstrong: you won’t hear them anywhere else!

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Interactive Smart Duggee
Interactive Smart Duggee