Golden Bear releases range of escape room games for the home

Trapped Escape Room Game Packs The Carnival

The initial Trapped line-up offers three themes for families to choose from; The Carnival, The Art Heist and The Bank Job.

We've unveiled a world-first game concept with Trapped: Escape Room Game Packs, bringing the fun and excitement of an escape room into the home.

Designed by real escape-room experts, there are three Trapped game packs in Series 1 which launches at retail in July. Each contains everything needed to turn any room of the house into an escape room. Players put the pack contents on walls and surfaces in a room of their choice, and then either work together or compete to beat the clock, crack the clues, solve the puzzles – and escape.

Suitable for children aged 8+ years, these family-friendly games have been designed to get everyone up, thinking, talking and having fun. The three initial launch themes –  The Carnival, The Art Heist and The Bank Job – each come with their own content, back-story and level of difficulty. As the easiest of the levels, Carnival is billed as an ideal game to play with younger children, before progressing to the ‘medium’ Art Heist or ‘hard’ Bank Job for teens through to adults.

Trapped Escape Room Game Packs Bank Job

“There’s been a huge increase in the popularity of escape rooms over the past decade, with the market still growing,” says Kathy Lesser, Trapped brand manager.

“We want to bring the escape room experience to everyone, within the comfort of their own surroundings – and this is the ideal time to introduce this world-first game concept.  Consumers are looking for new, home-based entertainment that promotes family interaction, which Trapped does in abundance. Just add people and the play begins by looking at the puzzles around the room and working as individuals or as part of a team to crack the codes and score points with the ultimate mission of escaping the room. With lockdown gradually easing, it also makes for a great night in with friends. Trapped is unlike most other escape room games because once you’ve played you can put everything back in the box and pass it on for someone else to enjoy.”

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