BBC Radio 1 Presenter Matt Edmondson Plays Trapped: Art Heist

We were thrilled to see BBC Radio 1 Presenter Matt Edmondson and his wife Bryony use Trapped: Art Heist for some lockdown entertainment.

'You can literally turn any room in your home into an escape room with these Trapped game packs. B and I played Art Heist, the medium level pack and despite the fact I’m a self-professed games connoisseur, this was pretty challenging - we only just made it out in the nick of time'

View his Instagram post here.

Each Trapped box has everything you need to turn any room into an escape room. Clever clues to crack and puzzles to solve, all you need to add are the people to play and the cunning to escape/live the dream! Designed by real escape room experts - Trapped is the next best thing!

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Trapped Escape Room Game Packs Art Heist