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10 Travelling with Children Tips for the Summer Holidays

Posted by Lynette Hammond on

 travelling with children tips

The summer holidays are only a few weeks away. Many families will be planning day trips, short breaks and holidays with the children, so plenty of time will be spent in the car. Kids can find travelling extremely tedious, often resulting in tantrums and stressed out families.  Here are 10 boredom-busting tips that will help keep tension at bay.

  1. You’ll want to pack as light (is that even possible with children?), but you and the children will be happier if you pack a small bag of activities and toys. Don’t use the bag straight away; pull it out when the children begin to show signs of boredom. Spread out the toys by giving one thing at a time.
  2. Use technology to your advantage. Tablets and even smartphones can be used to watch shows and movies. Download the shows in advance to avoid data charges.
  3. Car games are good fun, at least for a short time. Eye spy can be extremely comical and it’s a fun way of working on those literacy skills.
  4. Activity books are good fun but only use if you know your child doesn’t suffer from travel sickness. These books can still be of use as they can be used when you pull over for some food or to stretch your legs.
  5. Spotting landmarks encourages children to pay attention to the journey. Plan your route and look for places of interest to spot on the way.
  6. Don’t give your child sugary snacks. Pack healthy alternatives that will help to fill empty tummies and avoid sugar crashes.
  7. Audio books and books on CD are a great idea. Have a couple of different options to choose from. You might be able to encourage a nap with a comforting story your child is familiar with.
  8. Plan a couple of fun stops on the journey if you’re going to be in the car for several hours. Look for parks, restaurants or even museums and let the children have some extra fun on the way.
  9. Download some fun apps on your phone or tablet. There are lots of apps to choose from and they’re a great way to distract bored minds at the end of a long journey.
  10. Make sure the whole family gets a good night’s sleep!

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