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Special Offers, Discount Codes and More!

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No one likes being the last to know. That’s why we provide all our loyal customers with a regular newsletter, full of all our latest information. It's a great time to sign up as we'll be giving out news about our popular Christmas Sale that we hold every year. Don't miss out!

Have you signed up to our newsletter?

Are you interested in the best deals and latest news from Golden Bear Toys? Our newsletter keeps you informed of our latest releases, all our competitions, and we even throw out some great discount codes to our loyal customers from time to time.

If you’re a fan of our Golden Bear Toys collections such as Woolly and Tig, In the Night Garden, Mr Tumble or Go MINI come and visit our website and sign up for our newsletter. It only takes a few seconds and we protect your data and won’t spam you. We only contact you when we have something to tell you that you may be interested in. Sign up to the Golden Bear Toys newsletter today and never be the last to know. Please remember to tell your friends too!

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