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CBeebies – The Official Children’s Channel of 2013

Posted by Lynette - on

 CBeebies win at the BAFTAs

CBeebies is  loved by children and parents alike, just for different reasons! Children enjoy the excellent shows and characters that are always fun and entertaining. As parents it’s always great to have a quiet half an hour while the children are entertained by the television for a while. However, a lot of parents don’t simply appreciate the bit of peace shows like In the Night Garden or Woolly and Tig can bring (even if it can be a blessing). Parents want to know their children are learning, and this is what makes CBeebies such an outstanding channel which has earned it the title of the Children's Channel of the Year at the BAFTAs.

There are many shows for young children that educate children through fun and play, supporting early development in ways that children don’t even realise. Mr Tumble for example focuses on teaching communication and language skills and the Makaton language that’s so wonderful for helping all children communicate. Woolly and Tig teaches young children about ‘self’. Aimed at pre-school children it explores a wide range of emotions children experience from anger to sadness. It teaches solutions to these feelings and is an excellent springboard for parents to discuss problems and fears with their children.

We would like to congratulate Cbeebies on their much deserved win over some fantastic opposition. We’re looking forward to all the fun in the year to come and are very excited to be the CBeebies master toy licensee for 2014! Our Woolly and Tig, In the Night Garden and Something Special toys have been extremely popular and we can’t wait for the new CBeebies toys to come to our portfolio in 2014.


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