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DIY Christmas Decorations

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How much do you usually spend on Christmas decorations? According to research the average family spends around £25 per year on lots of pretty things such as new baubles, tinsel, the tree and lights. If you feel like putting your money to a better cause and having some fun with your child why not make your Christmas decorations rather than buy them? You probably won’t even need to stock up on arts and craft supplies! Have a root around and look for any old Christmas cards, glue, sting, old fabrics, paints, pens, and ribbons, anything you can find. Clear off the table and have a great afternoon making some decorations for the home.

Christmas Stars

One of the easiest decorations to make are these simple stars. All you need to make them is:

  • Cardboard – You could use cereal boxes or general food packaging, cardboard packing boxes or old cards
  • Some scissors or a craft knife (for adult use only)
  • PVA glue
  • Decorative items such as old materials, coloured paper, paints, glitter, anything you have around the home


  • Make yourself a star template by drawing the shape on a piece of thick card. Use it to draw out as many star shapes as you want. Each individual decoration requires two cardboard cut outs.
  • Cut out the star shapes and draw a line about three quarters of the way down the middle of one, cur down this line.  Use a hole cutter or pen to make a small whole on one of the points of this same star. Leave the second star as it is.
  • Now the fun starts! Decorate the two cut outs however you please.
  • Slide the whole star into the slit you made earlier to make one whole star.
  • Put the star down on the table so it’s flat. Apply glue to both sides and stick them together with the pva glue.
  • Leave them to dry before threading some ribbon, string or wool through the hole at the top and hang them wherever you please.

 There are lots of great Christmas craft projects on Pinterest, you can also find Golden Bear Toys on Pinterest too!

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