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Tips for a Fun Filled Christmas Holiday

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Fun activities for Children this Christmas

It’s almost time for the Christmas holidays. You have the time booked off work, the children are getting excited with the help of their nursery and pre-school Christmas activities, there’s no getting away from it. Two weeks of fun are ahead! If you are ready to spend some quality time together you’ll want some great activities lined up to help stop your little ones getting bored or over excited, so here are some quick ideas to turn to if you run out of things to do.

  • Make Christmas cards and posters to take to the elderly at your local care homes.  Not everyone has family who can come and visit at this time of year so a few cards being delivered can make a lot of difference. Give the care homes a call and ask when a good time would be to pop in some cards and you could ask for names too so the cards are personalised.
  • Christmas movies are a great way to really get into the Christmas spirit so pick one movie to watch every couple of days. It’s a great way to wind down before the bedtime routine begins.
  • Visit websites like CBeebies and Disney Junior and print off some of the activity sheets from your child’s favourite shows, like Woolly and Tig or Henry Hugglemonster.
  • Ask your children to pick a few toys they feel they have outgrown and take them to a charity shop, hospice or ask your local hospital if they would like a donation.
  • Get in the kitchen and bake some gingerbread. You can have so much fun with gingerbread, making it into men, shapes and even being adventurous and making a gingerbread house to put on display. Go mad with the icing and decorations and let the children take control of the decoration, who cares if it looks a bit messy?
How do you like to have fun with your children at this time of year?X

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