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The January Blues and Children

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Returning to school after a long break can be stressful for children. While most are happy to return to school they can find it draining on their energy. The happy child you dropped off in the playground in the morning returns in the afternoon with a sour face and in a grumpy mood. These mood swings are often nothing more than exhaustion. After having a few relaxed weeks at home the demands of the school day can be a little demanding. It’s always best to be prepared so if you’re already dreading the tears and tantrums caused by tiredness here are some useful tips you can put into action:

Energising Foods

Junk foods do nothing for improving energy levels, they may give a short burst but soon the sugar crash arrives leaving your child even grumpier than before. Instead of arriving at the school gates with a chocolate bar come loaded with a healthy snack instead such as a piece of fruit.

Encourage Your Child to Let Loose

While at school the children have had to follow a routine, not allowing them to run about as and when they please. This can be difficult for some children and result in some pent up energy. On the walk home pass the local park and let your child go and run about and have some fun. This helps them let of steam and stretch their limbs.


Some children benefit by having a short nap after school, but it’s not suitable for everyone. Some children find a nap disrupts their night time sleep pattern, while others are still able to head to bed at the normal time and sleep through till morning.  

Stay Active

The alternative to napping is encouraging your child to stay busy. You can use the time between the end of school and dinner to read together, play with toys, visit friends or attend afterschool clubs. Your child will be distracted from their bad mood and you can be sure that they’ll eat and sleep well.

What tips do you find useful for helping your child settle back into the school routine after a break?

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