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The Oddbods are Coming to Golden Bear Toys

Posted by Lynette Hammond on

Have you met the Oddbods? Zee, Newt, Slick, Fuse, Pogo, Bubbles and Jeff are colourful characters, each with their own unique personalities that will have you giggling, and perhaps relating to, in no time.  Join the Oddbods as they turn even the most ordinary scenarios into hilarious adventures. The animated sketch show provides entertainment for the entire family, mums, dads and teenagers; you’re going to love it just as much as the little ones. Making it the perfect show to sit down and watch together.  Watch the clip below and meet the Oddbods.

Oddbods are coming to Golden Bear Toys too. Yes, we’ve been busy working away to create cuddly characters for you all to love and play with in your home. Recreate scenes from your favourite sketches, make up your own playtime adventures or simply gain new friends to take out with you as you play and explore the big wide world.

Be among the first to hear the latest news about the newest Oddbod toys and news by preregistering here. Our new collections are known to sell out very quickly, so please take a moment to sign up to our newsletter to help avoid disappointment.

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