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Moving from the Cot to a Big Bed!

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Lullaby Igglepiggle is the perfect bedtime buddy

Many parents feel anxious about moving their child from their cot to a bed. While many base the move on the child’s ability to escape the cot sometimes there are other triggers in play, such as the arrival of a new baby in the family or the age of the child or their size, (not all children like climbing!). There are no rules but the usual age to consider the move is over 18 months old.

The move doesn’t have to be stressful but sometimes it can lead to some sleepless nights, which is why it’s often not a good idea to deal with the move to the cot while other things are going on, such as starting nursery, toilet training, moving home or you returning to work. Dealing with one major change at a time makes things easier than everyone. Once you find the right time here are some tips to help your child accept their new bed.

Use a bed guard on the bed for some peace of mind and added safety, it will help stop falling out of bed while your child gets used to the new routine.

Use the bed for daytime naps and at night time.

Maintain the old bedtime routine as usual so the only difference is the bed.

Don’t pass on your own anxieties to your child. Remain upbeat and positive, letting your child know how grown up they are now they’re ready for a bed.

Encourage your child to like their new bed by letting them pick out new bedding and perhaps a new sleeping buddy (In the Night Garden Lullaby Igglepiggle is perfect for bedtime!) and their old favourites too.X

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