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Something Special, Mr Tumble and Autistic Children

Posted by Lynette Hammond on

Autism is a developmental condition that affects more than 1 in 100 children in the UK. It’s not a condition that can be outgrown.  Autism can make it difficult for children to communicate and relate to others. The sensory processes can also be affected.  Some children need to have a good routine in place and partaking in repetitive activities and they may not be able to cope very well with changes. 

Children with autism might need to get help in their development and this can mean working together with doctors and one or more specialists including speech and language specialists. They work with the parents to provide advice, suggest techniques to try and equipment to use in the home to make life a little easier.  There’s places you can turn for help for those that need the support, such as The National Autistic Society and Contact a Family.

Something Special on CBeebies is beneficial for children with autism. Something special is designed specifically for children who have difficulties communicating. It uses Makaton, which is a system of signs and symbols that is used to help children who have language delay to communicate effectively. 

Children benefit from Makaton as it gives them a way of expressing themselves, relieving previous tension that was experienced and teaching them how to interact in a whole new way. Something Special is popular with children and it can be used to pick up some of the Makaton system, useful for parents and children alike. Learn more about Makaton here and take a look at our Something Special toys that can be useful for play and development in the home.

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