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10 Tips to Keep Your Toddlers Entertained When Travelling

Posted by Lynette Hammond on

The half term is around the corner and many parents will be packing up the car and heading off for their holidays or fun days out. Travelling with a toddler can be difficult, even the easiest of going children can get bored or fed up, especially on flights or extra-long car journeys. To help, we’re sharing 10 tips that will help you to make travelling easier for everyone involved.

  1. Aim to have a great night’s sleep before you set off on your travels.
  2. Don’t pack sweets or sugary treats for the journey as they will result in a sugar rush, never good but especially unappreciated when you’re strapped into a car seat. Pack pre-made snack bags for the journey (to avoid impulse buying at the service station).
  3. Pack or small basket full of their favourite toys and take their favourite travel companion for them to hold and hug for the entire journey.
  4. Avoid dressing your toddler up in clothes that could become uncomfortable, choose pyjamas or jogging bottoms for those long journeys, especially if you’re travelling at unsociable hours.
  5. Add your children’s favourite songs or stories to your playlist to help relieve boredom on your travels. Pick a few songs that you like too in order to protect your own sanity.
  6. Plan the entire journey and look for places to eat or to stretch your legs on the way. Find a park and allocate sometime in the day to let your toddler run and play.
  7. Sit in the backseat with your toddler if possible or if you have no other children.
  8. Download some of their favourite CBeebies’ shows onto your phone or tablet, an excellent emergency tactic that can buy some quiet time. Don’t forget to pack toddler headphones if you’re using any form of public transport.
  9. Take a small pillow and blanket to help them get comfortable on any form of transport that you use on your journey.
  10. Take some bottled milk if you’re travelling by plane. The sucking action helps to alleviate the pressure build up in their ears when taking off and landing.



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