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5 Outdoor Play Ideas for the Summer

Posted by Lynette Hammond on

It’s so good to welcome the warmer days and lighter evenings. The children are able to get outside a lot more and benefit from the fresh air. Being cooped up all winter is never as fun as having the freedom to get outside and expand the play space. Summer isn’t far away and hopefully we’ll enjoy some dry spells and warm temperatures. So we have a few outdoor play ideas that will benefit everyone.

  1. Construction zone. Kids love to play with sand and water and a sand pit is always an excellent and affordable addition to the garden, regardless of size. Buy a sandpit or make your own and add a few bags of play sand and you’re done. Extend the play time by adding lots of toys including the classic bucket and spade, but make things even more fun with construction toys that are able to cope with the outdoors like our My 1st JCB toy collection.
  2. Make a den. Use whatever you can to make a covered space, perfect to run to when a shower breaks or if the sun is too strong. On dry days use sheets and blankets from the house but a more permanent solution could be ground sheets, tents, gazebos or plastic/wooden playhouses.
  3. Activity toys help children to learn new fine motor skills and encourage exercise. Trikes, bikes, skipping ropes and balls. Buy toys that are suitable for your child’s age and always consider the development stage your child is at and working towards. Young children could benefit from an activity table made primarily from plastic or wood so it can be used inside or outside the home.
  4. Dedicate one section of your garden to your child. This can be a container or part of the border or vegetable patch. Children love to get dirty and play in the garden, so why not teach them a little about plants by growing their own. Salad vegetables are always fun as the children get to eat the harvest.
  5. Decorate the path and the patio with chalks. Chalks are great fun. Use them to draw games on the floor, such as hopscotch, and to draw. Drawing teaches fine motor skills, but it’s entertaining too.

How are you planning on making the most of the summer weather?

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