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Messy Comes to Golden Bear Toys!

Posted by Lynette Hammond on

Messy Goes to Okido is a hit show on CBeebies. The show started in 2015 and it follows Messy and his best friends Zoe and Felix.  The other characters are the trio of scientists, Zim, Zam and Zoom. 

Messy and friends have a lot of fun as they discover more about the world, discovering lots about the things children aged 3-5 year old's want to know about. Science is introduced to children in very funny ways with a mixture of live action along with 3D and 2D animation.

We’ve been busy developing a collection of Messy Comes to Okido toys and they are almost ready for launch. Please sign up to be the first to hear all about the new toys, click here, enter your email and we’ll send you details about the new toys and the release dates straight to your inbox.

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