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Encourage Your Toddler to Get Moving

Posted by Lynette - on

Are you fed up of seeing your toddler sit on the sofa and watching television? You probably didn’t want to raise a mini couch potato but these things can happen, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change things. There’s plenty you can do to help your toddler get active, here are a few tips to get started with.

  • If your child is crawling put the toys out of reach but in sight.
  • Put toys up on the sofa behind a cushion to encourage pulling up.
  • Freedom from the straps – how much time is your child spending in their push chair, car chair and high chair during the day?  Try and give them freedom as often as possible, consider leaving the car at home and going for a walk instead and encourage your toddler to get out of the pushchair and walk while holding your hand (or helping you push!).
  • Allow your child the time and the freedom to roam in your secure back garden and in the living room.
  • Get on the floor and encourage your child to try and follow you.
  • Head to the park and sit on the wings together or go down the slide, play chase.
  • Put on some wellies and go jumping in puddles.
  • Teach by example.

Even children with a relaxed temperament who prefer quiet play can be encouraged to move around more – with some gentle encouragement and plenty of fun. 

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