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Father’s Day Ideas for Toddlers and Dad

Posted by Lynette Hammond on

Father's Day Ideas

You don’t need to spend a fortune on spoiling dad; your toddlers have all the skills they need to make the day extra special. We have lots of ideas to hopefully inspire you.

  1. Make the card – handmade cards are always treasures. Finger paints, photographs, footprints, crayon drawings, they’re all special and worth keeping.
  2. Give dad an extra-long lie in – it’s free and we all know how good a lie-in can be. Take the kids out early and return with brunch (or lunch!).
  3. Make dad a king for the day. Get the kids to paint a paper crown (dad has to wear this all day of course!) and let him rule the castle all day long. He gets to choose how he wants to spend the day and the kids can help him feel majestic by bringing snacks and drinks and so on.
  4. Take dad to his favourite pub for lunch. There are plenty of child friendly pubs these days so head out for a surprise treat for a couple of hours.
  5. Wash the car. Little kids love playing with water so this is a chore that is a whole lot of fun. If you don’t feel up to washing the car you can always take the children along to the car wash, that’s a fun experience too.
  6. Take part in dad’s hobby. Go fishing, make some models, paint, play video games, watch a movie. Let him do his favourite thing with his favourite people.
  7. Go camping for the weekend. Pack up the car, grab the tent and sleeping bags and head out to a child-friendly campsite for some outdoor fun and activities.
  8. Cook dad his favourite meals and let the children be your helpers.
  9. Ask dad if there are any chores he would like help with. Toddlers could help shine shoes, fold clothes, pull the weeds in the garden. There’s so much to do and a little help is always appreciated.
  10. Invite his friends and their children over for an afternoon of fun and games together.

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