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Health Benefits of Child’s Play

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 Running play

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Playgroups, ballet class, swimming club, these are all great ways to give your children some much needed exercise and release of energy. They’re all great structured activities and they have their place, but allowing children to let loose and run around in the garden or at the local park can be just as healthy, if not more so.

A study by Welsh scientists discovered that six short sprints, lasting just 30 seconds, performed three times a week, can have the same cardiovascular benefits as five 45 minutes sessions of more traditional exercise. This is the same for you too! Short bursts of activity like the six short sprints three times a week even burns the same calories as the longer exercise sessions. This is great news for children and for adults. It means you can share some easy exercise any time, any place. You could head down the park for some fun on the swings or go for a walk with the dog and both benefit greatly from the activity.

Often children become overtired and even overstressed due to so many planned activities and groups. Yet many parents feel guilty if they don’t sign their children up for the toddler gym, yoga club, swimming group and dance classes. There really isn’t any need to feel pressure, go relax and let your child run free. 

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