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It’s Never Too Soon to Start Having Fun with Numbers

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Counting games are fun!


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It’s maths month on CBeebies so we thought it would be a great idea to look into how mums and dads can start showing children how to have fun with numbers. According to research children have an abstract sense of numbers by the age of seven months, before they can talk and walk! Maths is often seen as a dreaded subject by school age children, but you can work to avoid this by introducing your child to the fun side of numeracy, giving them positive experiences that they can carry on into their school years.

Do Some Maths Everyday

The great news is you’re already doing little bits of maths with your child without even thinking about it.  Maths is everywhere; it’s used when we go to the shops, when getting dressed, even when singing favourite nursery rhymes. Then there’s all the counting songs and number fun that is found on television, in books and in toys such as magnetic numbers on the fridge and within toys such as the Banana in Pyjama Dominoes set and building blocks.  

There are lots of little games that can be used in everyday life too, perfect for keeping bored toddlers and fiddly pre-schoolers occupied while travelling in cars or waiting at bus stops. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Number Spotting

While you’re out and about try and spot numbers dotted around the place, point them out to one another and talk about them. Numbers are everywhere!

The Number Hunt

Write down the numbers one to ten on pieces of card or paper and hide them around the house. Your child’s mission is to find the numbers collect them and shout them out when they find them.

What number games can you suggest? Tweet @Golden_Bear_Toy on Twitter and share your ideas with us! 

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