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Pancake Day Fun

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Pancake Race


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Shrove Tuesday, also known as Pancake Day, is on 4 March 2014, so it’s not long until the whole family will be happily munching away of endless pancakes, sprinkled with sugar and fresh lemon juice. Not everyone enjoys eating pancakes though, which is why we thought we’d share some fun activities you can play with your children.

Pancake Stacking

Gather together any cardboard boxes that are ready for the recycling bin and use them to cut out five or ten circles, about the size of a dinner plate. These are your pancakes. Give each pancake a number using crayons, pens, paints or even stickers. The pancakes can then be used in counting games or even a treasure hunt.

Pancake Race

Use the cardboard pancakes and organise a fun pancake head race. Each player has to try and cross the living room with a pancake balanced on their head. To make the game last longer each player that successfully manages to balance the pancake all the way to the opposite side of the room has another cardboard pancake added to their stack.

If you have older children you could all race using a frying pan and a pancake. Each player has to try and flip the pancake as the race to the finish line!

The Pancake Toss

How many times can you flip a pancake in one minute? Set the timer and each have a go and see who can toss it the most times before the timer goes off.

What games do you play on Shrove Tuesday? Here are some great pancake day ideas from Pinterest to give you some more ideas. 

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