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Toddler's First Trip to the Dentist

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Woolly and Tig Dentist Day

Dentist Day is held on March 6th every year. It’s a day to celebrate your smiles and also to recognise the important work dentist do to help keep our mouths healthy and looking great. Dentist Day is also a day to discuss dentists with your children and help them to accept them without fear or anxiety.

There are plenty of ways you can help your toddlers not to develop fear of the dentist:

  • Take your children to your appointments – Providing you have no fears and dental anxiety always let your child come with you when you have a general appointment. Your dentist may allow your child to sit in the chair while they get ready for you, or encourage your child to open their mouth for them, just for fun! It’s always a good idea to call ahead and mention that you’ll be bringing your toddler with you but don’t take them for any long appointments or cavity work.
  • Learn about what dentists do and the type of things they ask their patients to do when you’re at home and in a safe place. Borrow books from the library that are aimed at toddlers and play games where you check the teeth of your child’s favourite toys.
  • Talk about the dentist when brushing teeth together at bedtime. Teach your child to give their teeth a good clean for two minutes.  Explain why it’s important to keep clean and encourage your child to count their teeth once in a while.
  • Always speak positively about the dentist, even if you’re not keen on them yourself. Your own anxieties can be easily passed down, something you want to avoid.

Woolly and Tig

Woolly and Tig have an episode called ‘The Dentist’, it helps children to learn about what to expect and how to deal with any worries they may have about their teeth being counted and looked at in a new and somewhat scary setting. If you’re child hasn’t seen the episode yet you can find a small clip on the Cbeebies Website.  

Your toddler may also like to take Woolly along with them when they go for a check-up, or perhaps another of their favourite toys. A toy can be used to provide comfort and to distract them if you can see they’re getting a little scared or uncomfortable.

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