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The Sound of Music and Happy Brainy Babies

Posted by Lynette - on

Lullaby Iggle Piggle from In the Night Garden

Listening to music is something babies enjoy, but it’s not just their happiness that benefits from the tunes, it helps their learning too. Exposing babies to music helps their critical listening skills along with their language development and their coordination. Music is full of patterns and sequences, it’s all about rhythm, and this natural rhythm is what’s so beneficial to their development.

If those benefits arn’t enough here are a few more that may interest you:

  • Music helps to relax babies
  • Music helps babies to become receptive to new learning opportunities
  • Music can help to increase self-confidence
  • Babies can express themselves through music before their speech has developed
  • Music can be used to bond with your baby
  • It’s cheap and easily accessible

Playing Music with Your Baby

One of the simplest ways of introducing music into your routine is by picking a quiet time, playing some low level, gentle music and rocking your baby in your arm in time to the music. Humming or singing is great too, especially if you are cradling your baby as they will feel the vibrations.

Watch your baby and how they react to the different songs, are they moving, wriggling, making sounds, is there a song they prefer more than the others? Or even one that they don’t like? Use toys that play music too, such as our Lullaby Iggle Piggle to help your child settle at bedtime.  As babies get older and move into the toddler years you can use music more actively. Play music you both enjoy and dance together, let your child take the lead and get involved, sing loud, dance proudly and have fun.

How do you and your baby like to enjoy music?

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