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V-Dubs Bring Iconic VW's to Playtime

Posted by Lynette - on

V-Dubs from Golden Bear Toys & Volkswagen

A couple of weeks ago we announced our new collection of V-Dub toys that will be available later this year. We have partnered up with Volkswagen to bring you and your children these fun and wacky vehicles that are perfect for boys and girls as well as grown up fans of the iconic Beatles and Campervans.

Today we’re going to give you some more details about what you can expect from this exciting collection.

V-Dubs Stylies – VW vehicles get a fun and sporty look – there will be six to choose from making them a great pocket money collectable. Each car comes with a pack of stickers so you can customise your vehicle and really make it your own.

V-Dub Speeders – The speeders are very cool convertible VW’s that race away from a launch handle at the touch of a button. Once again these cars can be customised with the cool stickers that are included with each one. There are four to collect, once again making them a great collectable toy.

V-Dubs Custom Chargers – Two custom chargers are going to be available and they’re just perfect for pre-schoolers thanks to their easy grasp handle, bright colours and durable chunky plastic. Hear the V-Dubs roar to life with a pull of the handle and then press the button to watch it zoom away. Don’t forget you’ll be able to customise these cool VW’s with the free stickers too!

V-Dubs Remote Control Roll Over Beetle – The remote control V-Dub is designed for little hands. There is a chunky hand controller that will allow you to easily move the care forwards or backwards. When you press the special feature button the Beetle will to an awesome forward roll! Fully customisable and built to withstand any adventure!

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