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Make Time for Reading

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Reading with children

Life can be hectic. Running round after children all day, working, the housework, every day is full. Sometimes it’s okay to let a few things slip, but even on the busiest days it’s a good idea to keep up the routine of a book at bedtime.

Setting the Scene

Unlike television, books are perfect to end the day with. There are no bright screens that affect the quality of sleep and it’s the ideal quiet time for bonding and relaxation. Creating a routine that helps your child to become familiar with the process. Make the bed comfortable or set up a reading corner with some comfortable cushions and throws and some low level lighting. 

Picking the Books

Let your child pick the book they want to read and begin by discussing what they have chosen. Talking about the book they've chosen before reading it together helps them to become confident. Don’t be surprised if you have to read the same book over and over, it’s not unusual at all. Children like to pick books they know and repetition is an important part of the learning process.

Books and Playtime

Books don’t have to be saved for bedtime. It’s a great idea to introduce them into normal playtime too. Having a selection of books down in the playroom or toy box allows your child the option of choosing to look at the pictures and read during their free play time. Choosing toys that promote reading is helpful, especially if you have a child that seems reluctant to play with books.

Discovering New Books

Although children love repetition and will be happy looking at the same one over and over again introducing new books is worthwhile.  There are plenty of book shops but it’s a good idea to sign up for your local library. Trips to the library are fun, it’s a chance to borrow books for free and perhaps meet other children their age. Many libraries offer reading groups for pre-school children too.


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