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The Question on Everyone’s Lips – Sooty or Sweep?

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If you had to pick your favourite, Sooty or Sweep, who would you choose? Well now’s your time to ask this almost impossible question and make a choice.  Once you’ve put some thought into your answer head straight over to to cast your vote. Once you do you’ll be entered into a competition to win 1 of 20 Sooty or Sweep hand puppets from our brand new Sooty collection.

If you’re having difficulty making your mind up you might want to check out Sooty’s campaign. He isn’t taking things lightly, he’s set up the official Sooty campaign page and he’s also sharing his video to try and win some votes.  But don’t think Sweep’s prepared to be a push over, you can read Sweep’s manifesto and watch his video too. It’s a difficult decision for most, can you come up with a winner?

Vote Sooty!




Vote Sweep!



 Remember to head on over to cast your vote and share the campaign with your friends. The question on everyone’s lips will be answered soon!X

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