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V-Dubs are Finally Here!

Posted by Lynette - on

We’re happy to announce that our brand new V-Dub collection is finally available right here on Golden Bear Toys. If you’re a fan of V-Dubs you can now share your passion with your children and introduce them to the classic Beetles and campervans that we all know and love. Alternatively you can simply indulge yourself with a fun smaller version of your dream cars.

We have a wide range of V-Dubs for fans over the age of three. The V-Dubs Stylie collection retails at only £4.99 and they make excellent collectables, treats and gift. Each of the Stylies (there are six to collect including Beetles and Campervans) are fully customisable and come with a set of stickers so you can stamp your own personality on it. It's also perfectly sized for small hands and made from durable plastic.

If you want something with a bit more power behind it you’ll love the V-Dub Speeders. These awesome convertible VW’s come with a launch handle, press the button and watch as your campervan or Beetle races away. Again each of the Speeders come with two sets of stickers for full customisation. They’re suitable for children over the age of 3 and there are four to collect.

Ready to rev your engines? If so check out the V-Dub custom charger campervan. Rev your engine by pulling out the handle and when you’re ready press the button and watch it zoom off. There are two to collect, they’re fully customisable with the themed sticker sheets and batteries are included.

Which is your favourite V-Dub? Come and tell us on Twitter by tagging @GoldenBearToys in your Tweet. 


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