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The Woolly and Tig Christmas Bundle has Landed

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Exclusive to Golden Bear Toys

Woolly and Tig Christmas Bundle!

Woolly and Tig fans are in for a treat this Christmas. We have put together an incredible bundle that will save you an impressive £53! It’s a great buy whether you’re buying for one fan of the show or several. It’s a simple and cost effective way to get the Christmas list ticked off in one easy purchase.

The Woolly and Tig Christmas Bundle includes the following toys from our collection:

  • Jumbo Woolly Soft Toy – Woolly is the ideal best friend, suitable for lots of hugging! Suitable for 10 months and over.
  • Read Along with Woolly Soft Toy – Inspire young children to fall in love with reading with their best friend Woolly. Designed to encourage children to interact with the stories, learn through recognition and to help improve hand eye coordination.
  • Twinkling Counting Kisses Woolly – Twinkling Counting Kisses is perfect for bedtime. Woolly is already for bed and he plays a gentle lullaby while his tummy glows. Suitable for 10 months and over.
  • Woolly and Tig Backpack – This backpack is perfect for daytime adventures! Suitable for 36 months and over.
  • Pick n’ Match Pairs Game – A great game designed to develop visual memory and teach children about taking turns. Suitable for 36 months and over.
  • Scampering Woolly Pullback – A fun toy suitable for 36 months and over. Just pull back, let go and watch Woolly scamper off.

The bundle costs only £50! Learn more about the bundle, or secure your woolly and Tig Christmas bargain by clicking here. Enjoy free delivery with your Woolly and Tig Christmas bundle too! 




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