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Inspire Your Children to Read

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Inspire Your Child to Read with Read Along Woolly

It’s never too soon to introduce your child to books and the fun that is to be found in reading. Even newborns will enjoy the time you spend together reading aloud from your favourite childhood story books. Babies love to listen to the sounds of your voice; they learn from it and before you know it their gurgles of appreciation turn into giggles and words. This is all thanks to the talking that is taking place.

As your child gets older and develops they’ll be able to interact more, looking at the pictures, touching the book, the words and the letters. Books help children to learn about the big wide world around them. The picture and story books provide a sounding board for children too, they can ask questions, begin to understand about shapes, sounds, letters and make connections.

The main focus of reading to young babies and children is not to teach them how to read the words on the page. Think of it as helping them to discover just how fun books are and how thrilling reading together is. Encourage your child to pick up books as part of play time, not only in bed.

It’s easier to inspire children to read if you love books and enjoy the time you spend together exploring pictures and words. When you read a book try to avoid all other distractions in the home. Turn off the television or the radio and make the book the main focus. Read aloud, exaggerate your voice, use your hands and your face to express the emotions and have fun together. As your baby grows involve their favourite toys in the activity and introduce toys that involve books in the playing process, such as Read Along with Woolly from the popular CBeebies television series, Woolly and Tig.

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