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Letting Go of Old Toys

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Letting Go of Old Toys

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Day. If you have small children you are now probably overrun with toys, the new mixing in with the old. As children go the old toys begin to get forgotten about and outgrown. Puzzles become too easy, pieces lost and old favourites get replaced by new ones. It’s the perfect time to have a good old clear out of the toy boxes, bedrooms, living rooms and playrooms, but what can you do with all those old toys?

Donate the Toys to Charity

There are endless charities that would love to receive your toys. Local charities can use the toys to make some money and also give them to children in their care. You might also like to telephone the hospitals, clinics and doctors surgeries to see if they would like to take some off your hands. Other donation ideas are contacting local playgroups and nursery schools as well as church groups.

Sell Your Old Toys

If you’d like to bump up your bank balance after Christmas you could try to sell your old toys. There is auction website such as eBay, but if you’d like to avoid charges and fees consider selling on local swap and sell websites. Take great photos of the toys and include all the information regarding what’s included, what’s missing and any issues the toy might have.

Reuse the Toys

Your child may be reluctant to let all of their old toys go, even if they rarely play with them anymore. If this is the case consider repurposing the toys so they’re able to perform a usable function rather than litter up the home. Here are some fun ideas to inspire you from Apartment Therapy.

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