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A Fun End to the Christmas Holidays

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Fighting off the January Blues

Are you feeling fed up of being cooped up in the home? There are a few days left before schools go back, tempers can be a little frayed and children are probably fed up of being at home. It’s time for everyone to have a little more fun before life returns to normal. We have 10 fun winter time activities that will hopefully give you all a lift and fight off those January blues.

  1. Take down the decorations. Say farewell to Christmas and pack away all of the festive decorations together.  If the rooms seem a little bare ask your child to make some new artwork to hang on the walls.
  2. Fun in the kitchen. Young children love to help out in the kitchen and it’s a great way of getting some batch cooking out of the way for the month ahead. There are so many things you can cook together and children can help out with little jobs like gathering the ingredients, mixing and pouring. CBeebies have a great recipe for Chocolate Crispy Cakes you can find here.
  3. Christmas labels. Don’t put all your Christmas cards and sweet wrappers in the recycling bin, take them down and make them into something useful. Children will love to help you turn them into labels or even repurpose them into new Christmas cards or decorations ready for next year.
  4. Make a reading corner. Gather all the books together and place them in one corner of the room. Add some comfortable cushions and throws and some pretty fairy lights to create the perfect relaxing corner where your child can snuggle down with their favourite stories. Encourage your child to sort out the books with you, selecting their favourites and perhaps letting go of the books they’re too old for.
  5. Make a film. It’s time for fancy dress and some improvisation. Grab the camcorder or your mobile and make a movie that you can treasure forever. You could recreate the school play, sing songs or act out a favourite book or TV show.
  6. Go for a swim. Swimming is a brilliant way of releasing lots of energy and often precedes a good night’s sleep. Head to the local swimming pool or venture further afield if you’re already regulars.
  7. Clothes clear out. This will probably be a chore for you but it’s an activity lots of children enjoy. Head up to the wardrobes, have a fashion show and use the time clear out all the clothes your child has outgrown before taking them up the charity shop.
  8. Make sock puppets! If you’re feeling extra creative you could turn the clothes into new toys together. Sock puppets and sock toys are one of the easiest, here’s a great tutorial of how to make an Olaf sock toy.
  9. Make some slime! This is a great activity for all children who love to play in the snow. Follow this recipe to create some oozy glittery snow slime.
  10. Tidy up the toy box. Have a good clear out and find homes for all the new toys that entered your home over the Christmas period.

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