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Fun Activities to Fight Off the January Blues

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It’s January, for many of us that means we’re all out of money until payday and our activities are being dictated by the weather. The January blues can quickly settle into the home and as a result we end up tense and miserable and so do the kids! Try out these fun 3 indoor activities designed to give you and your children a boost.

  1. Get up and get dancing. We have so many screens in our homes these days and even toddlers are enjoying time on tablets or watching their favourite characters on television. It’s easy to rely on these screens when the wind, rain and snow cause problems with getting outside. The downside is these gadgets don’t help us to get rid of that pent up energy inside. To counteract this we recommend making sure you spend at least one hour in the home dancing or exercising with your children. Turn on their favourite songs, put on a video and jump around together to get the heart rate up. You know you’re doing it right when you warm up. Happy hormones are released that are wonderful for fighting off the winter blues. Plus it’s a free activity that you can do multiple times a day.
  2. The home jungle gym. If your children are missing the park why not turn your biggest room into a substitute play gym. Use all the cushions and pillows in the home, find big cardboard boxes and blankets and transform the space. Create different sections for different activities such as crawling through the tunnels, jumping on the cushions and rolling on the pillows. Encourage your child to decide what the obstacles should be and to change the design when they come up with a new idea.
  3. Tidy the home. This doesn’t sound like fun to us adults but young children can find this activity enjoyable. Think about the jobs that you’ve been putting off like cleaning down the skirting boards or make a start at putting away the pile of ironing that’s been growing since New Year. Keep each job in the home as short as you can, approximately 5 -15 minutes depending on your childs' attention span and make them fun too. Play some music, talk about colours, use bubbles and thank your child for being so helpful in the home. A cluttered home equals a cuttered mind so tackling the mess will help you all to feel better. 

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