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The Second Season of Henry Hugglemonster is Coming!

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Official Henry Hugglemonster Toys

Hands up, who loves Henry Hugglemonster? I bet if you ask your pre-schooler that question they will have their hands raised high up in the air. The hit show managed to win the hearts of millions of children and Disney Junior is getting ready to air the brand new season next week.

Niamh Sharkey is the creative genius behind Henry Hugglemonster. After struggling for many years as an illustrator, Niamh finally got her break and became one of the most successful children’s authors in Ireland. Her book, I'm a Happy Hugglewug became a massive success and soon the book was turned into the popular show it is today by the Disney Junior channel.

The main character is Henry but he is surrounded by his crazy family, including his sister Summer Hugglemonster. Niamh based Henry on her younger brother and says her childhood was the inspiration for the book. Now Niamh is the executive producer of the show and works closely with Dublin based  Brown Bag Films who take care of the animation, storyboard and script.

We think Henry Hugglemonster is roarsome. We have lots of brilliant toys that fans of the show adore right here on Golden Bear and also available from our carefully selected partners including Tesco and Amazon.  Come and take a look at the official Henry Hugglemonster toy collection to find the perfect gift for your own little monster.

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