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The Twirlywoos are set to become the Next Big Thing

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Every once in a while a children’s television programme takes over the world. The next big thing that’s expected to make massive waves in children’s television is launching on CBeebies in just a matter of days, so we thought we’d introduce you to them.

The Twirlywoos will be taking over our screens on February 23, 2015. But who are they and what’s the show going to be like?

Twirlywoos uses stop frame animation along with live action sequences that show the lives and the personalities of the four loveable characters. The creators want to mix up animation with real life so that the young fans of the show will really believe in the adventures they see play out on the TV. Each of the four characters resemble birds, they have friendly faces that are easy to read, big eyes, round bodies and thin legs.

You can expect the show to have a base in education and early development, much like all the other productions created by Ragdoll (such as the hit shows: In the Night Garden, Teletubbies, Tots TV and Rosie and Jim).  The humourous learning is designed to be understandable for the young children and this helps them to relate with how they see the world. Check out the video below to get a taste of what’s to come.

We’re busy working away on designing the Twirlywoos toys that will accompany the show. Sign up to our newsletter to be kept up to date with our Twirlywoos news and release dates.

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