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Learning with Schemas

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Have you ever wondered why your child loves to spend time filling bags or boxes up with toys or items in the living room, or why they enjoy rolling their balls or pushing the toy car round and round? These behaviours aren’t only about passing the time or having fun, your child is learning the whole time. Play patterns like these are known as schemas, and your child is discovering new things about the world around them and how things work.

According to research, there are lots of different types of schemas, including:

  • Moving up and down – vertical
  • Over and under
  • Going through
  • Round and round – circular
  • Putting things in other things – enclosure

Twirlywoos, the brand new hit children’s television show on CBeebies, bases each episode on a certain schema to compliment your child’s learning. Children begin using schemas from birth and as they grow the schemas become more challenging. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on how your child is playing so you’re able to recognise the schema they’re currently interested in. You can then begin introducing new toys or games that will complement their development and get their interest.

Learn more about schemas by watching Twirlywoos with your child or by visiting CBeebies Grown Ups.

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