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The Twirlywoos Characters

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We’re sure you’ve seen the Twirlywoos on CBeebies by now, and we’re pretty sure your little ones are already huge fans. We’ve been loving all the feedback we’ve been reading on Twitter and Facebook and we really can’t wait to finish working on the Twirlywoos toys and show them to you. We’ve asked our fans to share their favourite characters with us so we can be sure to make enough! Until then we thought we’d take a look into how all the loveable characters were created.

Steve Roberts is the Lead Creative and Writer on the Twirlywoos and he has shared some of the secrets behind the character creative. The shape of the body, legs and feed were inspired by ducks that Steve saw as he walked to work. The ducks made him smile as he watched them walking along the footpath and jumping into the canal.

Robins also played their part in inspiring the Twirlywoos bibs and the crests on top of the character’s heads have the look of a Cockatoo. So it’s clear that the Twirlywoos have been heavily inspired by birds, although they don’t have any wings, whereas Peekaboo is more of a sea urchin according to Steve.

Have you told us your child’s favourite character from the Twirlywoos? Visit us on Facebook and let us know.

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