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How to Help Your Child Learn

Posted by Lynette - on

Play may look like lots of fun, and it is, but it’s also an essential part of learning. While your child is running around, playing with toys, rolling balls, playingwith sand and with the water in the bath, your child is learning, solving problems, boosting social skills, increasing creativity and imagination, working on language skills and more! It’s amazing how much play teaches children and how much you can help your toddler learn simply by joining in and having fun together. Here are a few tips for the parents of busy toddlers to help them get the most fun and learning out of playing:

  • Ask your toddler questions and what he’s doing. Talk about colours, shapes, objects, movements etc.
  • Allow your child plenty of opportunity for free play – Let him lead the way and do what he wants to do.
  • Don’t worry about making a mess but do teach him how important it is to tidy up and the end of play.
  • Provide your toddler with plenty of toys that are age friendly and change them once your child has grown bored. It’s a good idea to keep one box of toys in the cupboard to alternate with the main toy box to keep your child’s interest for longer.
  • The toys box needs a variety of toys including: push toys, puzzles, soft toys, art supplies, books, activity centres, construction toys etc.
  • Use your imagination when playing and encourage your toddler to do the same.

Play time is a whole lot of fun, there’s no need to start worrying about using flash cards, simply encourage play and watch your toddler learn about the world around them and their abilities, they really are amazing.

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