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Fun in the Sun!

Posted by Lynette Hammond on

Toddler Sun Safety Tips

We’ve been enjoying some great sunshine here in the UK, with a spattering of showers and storms in-between. With the summer holidays on the way we can only hope for more good weather in the weeks ahead. This is great news for mums, dads and toddlers who are fed up of playing indoors, but it’s important to remember sun safety before the outdoor play begins. Here are a few tips we’d like to share with you and your friends on how to protect your toddler’s skin from sun damage.

  • Pick a sunscreen that is at least SPF 30 and always read the information on the bottle to ensure it offers protection from both UVA and UVB rays, many don’t!
  • Buy plenty of bottles as you need to put lots of the sunscreen on throughout the day. Put a generous dollop into the palm of your hand and this should be enough for each covering.
  • Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to the back of the neck, ears, feed, hands and the backs of the legs.
  • Use a lip balm to protect the lips.
  • Sunscreen needs some time to settle so apply half an hour before you head outside. Make it part of your routine during the summer months.
  • Reapply sunscreen every two hours and after playing in water.
  • Sunscreen needs to be applied even on cloudy days!
  • Avoid heading out in the sun between 10am and 4pm as this is when the sun is at its strongest. Head for the shade when you're outdoors. Encourage your toddler to stay in the shaded area by setting out their favourite toys and activities and by having a picnic.
  • Help your child stay protected by giving them a broad-rimmed hat to wear and don’t forget to apply sunscreen under their clothes, the sun can get through to burn the skin.
  • Look for clothing with built in SPF protection.
  • Teach your child the importance of staying protected from the sun by encouraging them to look after their favourite toys in the same way.

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