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A Simple Tip to Help Your Child Prepare for School

Posted by Lynette Hammond on

Help your child prepare for school

Children have many big changes in their young lives, starting nursery, pre-school and primary school are big steps and they can prove to be a bit of a challenge for the child and parents too.  One of the best tools in the parent toolbox that can help with the preparation and adjustment period is communication, helping your child to be open about their emotions and giving support. The best time to talk is at bedtime, when distractions are minimal and when your child is thinking about everything the day held.

Set aside some time for quiet discussions with your child within the bedtime routine. Speak about how the day went, how they feel about the events of the day and also about what tomorrow will bring. Simple chats like this will help your child to think about any situations that they may have planned and their behaviour. Children aged between 4 and 6 years old still haven’t got a good grasp on their emotions and these chats allow you as the parent to help them to understand how they feel and put a name to their emotions.

As your child goes through new experiences, makes new friends and develops social skills these night-time talks may become a lot deeper and require more thought. You may not have all the answers, you may be surprised by some of the questions that are asked by your growing child, but being there and listening and showing you understand their concerns is reassuring and comforting.

A simple review of the day and creating a plan for tomorrow helps children to think, understand and prepare. This is a simple tip that really helps your child to prepare for changes, both big and small. Do you have a tip for parents who are helping their child prepare for the world of education? Come and share your advice and experiences over on the official Golden bear Toys Facebook page.

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