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4 Common Sleep Problems in Young Children

Posted by Lynette Hammond on

Sleep is when children grow and is essential for their development. Helping children learn the skills of a good night’s sleep from an early age will benefit everyone in the home. There are lots of problems that can get in the way of a suitable sleeping routine. Here are 4 common ones and tips on how to solve them.

But I’m Not Tired Yet!

You’ve probably already heard this one. Young children don’t know if they’re tired or not and as a result they can become overtired. An overtired child will demonstrate some common traits including:

  • Tearful
  • Moody
  • Clingy
  • Clumsy

Don’t panic. As children get older they begin to recognise that they are tired and this will help them understand that they need to sleep. You can also help by creating a calm and soothing environment with little distractions to help them drift off.

Hungry or Full

Eating a large meal before bed can disrupt a night’s sleep.  Being too hungry also causes problems. To get around this problem offer your child light meals in the evening and perhaps a milky drink or healthy snack (fruit) before the bedtime routine begins. Follow the food with getting ready for bed, brushing the teeth and a few stories.

I Need a Drink!

If your child wakes up in the night the problem is commonly thirst. You can help by providing some water next to the bed in a suitable cup. The alternative could be to provide a sip of water when they wake or pop to the toilet during the night.

I Want My Bed!

Staying in different places can disrupt the normal sleep pattern. Holidays, visiting friends or relatives of even having people come to stay can cause problems. Prep the room before bedtime, ensuring it is cool and set up for a peaceful night’s sleep. 

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