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4 Potty Training Tips to Save Ripping Your Hair Out

Posted by Lynette Hammond on

Potty training seems easy for some but very difficult for others. It’s hard to know when to start, which techniques to use and how to remain cool, calm and collected throughout the whole process. We have five tips to share with you that we hope will make potty training less stressful for everyone.

Don’t Rush

Potty training isn’t a competition. You get nothing for being first in the group for potty training and nothing for being the last. It really doesn’t matter, what does matter is waiting for your child to be ready.  Pay attention to your little one’s actions. Are they able to hold in her wee for a while, can they let you know when it’s time to wee and can they remove trousers or undies without your aid? The latter is a useful skill as this can save plenty of accidents for when you’re not able to help as quickly as needed.

Summer Time

It’s a lot easier to wait for the warmer weather to arrive. You can dress your toddler in less clothing, they can even run around in their birthday suit which makes things very easy! You don’t have piles of laundry to get through each day.

Talk About It

You’re going to have to indulge in plenty of toilet talk. There are lots of books to read with your little one and you can teach them by bringing them to the bathroom with you. This is the perfect time to teach about washing hands too.

Do What’s Right for You

Some people don’t think that pull up nappies are a good idea while others use them all the time. You and your child are the only ones who can find the right solutions for you. Don’t feel pressured not to try things because other people have a certain opinion of their own. Trial and error. If something isn’t working you can hold off for a while and try something new.

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