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10 Activities for Rainy Days

Posted by Lynette Hammond on

10 Rainy Day Activities for Kids

We’re not having the best August weather here in the UK. With the kids off school it’s hard to keep the kids entertained and stop them, and you, from feeling fed up. We’ve come up with ten fun activities that are ideal for keeping boredom at bay that will hopefully help you when the skies open.

Kitchen Fun!

The kitchen is a fun place to be and kids have a great time when they are allowed to get creative (and messy), mixing up concoctions and serving them to the family. Here are lots of great recipes that are very child friendly, from delicious smoothies to unique pizzas, family meals and tasty biscuits. Pinterest is an excellent source of child friendly recipes but the BBC Good Food website also has brilliant kids cooking recipes to choose from.  It’s a good opportunity for you to pass on some family recipes too and teach skills that your child will take with them through life.

Musical Fun

Playing instruments is fun but making your own instruments before you make music is a fantastic way to spend a morning. You’ll need to raid the recycling bin and look for materials such as tissue boxes and elastic bands to make guitars, paper plates and bottle tops, silver foil or sweet wrappers to make tambourines. If you don’t have any materials around the home you can always resort to the classic sauce pans and wooden spoons from the kitchen.

Fashion Designers

Ask your child to draw some clothes and then encourage them to make their creations using newspapers, old clothes, tape, crepe paper, toilet roll and scissors. Make some for their favourite toys too! Hold a fashion show once the clothes have been made, with some lamps for spot lights and music to help generate a lively and exciting vibe.  If you’re a dab hand with a sewing machine you could get very creative and even teach a few sewing skills to your older children.

Games from Your Youth

Remember all the games you used to play? Hide and seek, sardines, elastics, catch. There are so many fun games that can put a smile on your faces even when it’s wet outside. Pick a few of your favourites and teach them to your children.  Netmums have a list of party games to inspire you.

Sorting Games

Kids love to sort things so why not put that interest to good use? Hand them your tin of buttons or that jar of pennies and ask your children to sort them into piles, colours or just stack them as they please. It’s amazing how long children will sort for. You could even move on to other things, like the toy box!

Indoor Camping

The grass might be wet outside but your living room floor isn’t. Grab a load of sheets and blankets and use them to create a snug little den for your children to play inside, and perhaps sleep the night too! Make it super cosy inside with plenty of pillows and a big fluffy throw; add a few books and their favourite toys and they’ll be happy for hours.

Book Worms

Create a mini library corner in your home and spend some time reading the old favourites and introducing some new characters and stories. Plan a trip to the library if you’re in need of some new books – you could always walk there in your wellies and jump in some puddles on the way.

 Snap Happy

Get out the digital camera or your phone and let your child take lots of photos. Help them to create scenes with their toys to snap or give them tasks, such as:

  • Take photos of everything you can find that is green
  • Take photos of your favourite thing in each room
  • Take photos of the pets

Once they have finished, upload the photos on the computer and ask them to pick their favourites.

Play DJ

Go through your CD selection, head to iTunes or Spotify and ask your child to make their own playlists of favourite songs. You could introduce them to some new music or pick some classic tunes that you know they will love.

Make a Time Capsule

Decorate an airtight container and fill it full of items that reflect their personality at this moment of time. Add photos, letters, stories, pictures and write down lots of information of their friends, what they’ve been watching and their favourite activities.  Bury it in the garden once the sun begins to shine and remember to mark the spot so you can dig it up years in the future.

How are you spending your rainy days? Come and tell us on the official Golden Bear Toys Facebook page.


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