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Child Development - Preparing for Pre-school

Posted by Lynette Hammond on

Pre-school Child Development Tips

Mums and dads all over the country are busy making decisions regarding their choices of nursery school and registering their children in the hopes of getting a place. Children don’t have to attend pre-school, but many parents are choosing to make use of the service for multiple reasons, including:

  • Working parents find it is suitable for their child while they are at work
  • Nursery schools can help with the child’s development
  • Parents with one child like the idea of socialising their children in a pre-school environment
  • Children can become more independent and learn to think more for themselves

There are lots of areas of development that parents can help to support in preparation for pre-school next year.

  1. Social skills are developed by attending pre-schools. Children begin to make friends and play cooperatively rather than playing alone next to other children. In the home parents can introduce the idea of sharing and taking turns by sitting together and playing with toys, visiting local play groups and inviting friends with young children over to play.
  2. Strong emotions and tantrums are expected and a normal part of growing up. Children are trying to gain control over their little lives. As communication skills and understanding grows the tantrums become less frequent. Communication can be developed and encouraged by reading books and watching television shows designed for pre-school aged children. Talk about the stories and make up your own during play.
  3. Physical skills and movement skills can be worked on with activities such as dressing up, cooking, colouring and painting, balancing and running. Supporting physical and movement skill development will help your child to cope with pre-school activities such as putting on their coats, eating lunch and so on.

Have fun! This is a precious age full of discovery and self-development. Your child will be learning each and every day by playing and having fun with you.

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