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5 Christmas Safety Tips for Your Toddler

Posted by Lynette Hammond on

Christmas is a fun time, but it does come with increased risk in the home. We don’t want to cause worry, but today we’re sharing some simple tips on how to keep your toddler safe over the Christmas holidays.

  1. Buy toys from trusted retailers and avoid buying fakes. Reputable retailers will follow the regulations in place to keep children safe. Many pop-up or temporary shops sell imported toys that may not have arrived on our shores legally. Make sure all the toys you buy conform to the safety requirements. You can report any illegal toys to help remove them from the high street.
  2. Choose toys that are suitable for the age of your child. This can be quite difficult when you have children of different ages in the home. Try to keep toys separated and educate all the children about which toys can be played with the younger children and which need to be kept at a safe distance.
  3. There are lots of decorations and extras in the home around Christmas. Make sure they are kept out of reach to avoid choking risks and injuries.
  4. All alcohol must be kept out of reach of the curious toddlers. Remember to tidy up any glasses at the end of the night before you go to bed.
  5. Toddlers love to help but the kitchen isn’t a safe place when you’re preparing food for the festivities. 1 in 10 children are hurt in the kitchen, so keep them out and use a stair gate if necessary. You can always ask them to help you while sat at the dining table.

This is a magical time of year where traditions are passed down and memories are made. We wish you all a safe and fun Christmas.

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