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Twirlywoos Bundles – Perfect for Christmas

Posted by Lynette Hammond on

Sorry to mention the 'C' word before Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night, but we know lots of mums and dads love to get organised well ahead of time. So with that in mind, we thought we’d let you know about the exclusive Twirlywoos bundles that you won’t find anywhere else other than right here at Golden Bear Toys.

Twirlywoos Family Bundle - Save £16.95

The family bundle is suitable for children 10 months and over and includes:

  • Talking GreatBigHoo Soft Toy
  • Talking Toodloo Soft toy
  • Talking Chickedy & Chick Soft Toys
  • Peeking Peekaboo Soft Toy

Twirlywoos Big Red Boat and Figurines Bundle – Save £5

Buy the Big Red Boat playset and get the character set all in one. The figurines include:

  • Great Bighoo
  • Toodloo
  • Chickedy and Chick
  • Peekaboo

The Big Red Boat is designed to complement developmental learning and is ideal for imaginative play. It makes noises, flashes its lights and it is designed to reinforce the learning from the popular CBeebies show. The characters are compatible with the playset and suitable for children over 18 months.

Twirlywoos Talking Chickedy & Chick Soft Toys – Save £5

These two soft toys are suitable for children over 10 months old. They say the sounds from the show and are extremely cuddly.

Twirlywoos Mini Soft Toys Bundle – Save £4

The mini soft toys bundle includes Great BigHoo, Chickedy and Chick and Toodloo and are suitable for children over 10 months.

Finally we have an exclusive Twirlywoos toy that will only be available from the Golden Bear Toys website until after the New Year. This is a must buy for all little fans of the Twirlywoos… the super soft Quacky Bird Soft Toy! Give Quacky Bird a squeeze and you’ll hear sounds from the show.

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