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3 Halloween Activities for Kids

Posted by Lynette Hammond on

3 Halloween activities for children

It’s that time of year again, when everyone gets to dress up, paint their faces and enjoy a few sweets and treats. Halloween is great fun, especially when you’re a toddler. We’ve pulled together 3 fun activities that will help you to celebrate this spookily fun day with your little ones.

Stained Glass Pumpkin Window

There’s no need to spend out on expensive Halloween decorations. It’s much more fun to make your own and you can save a bit of money in the process. This is a really simple craft activity and you may even have all the bits and pieces you need in your recycling or craft box already. Certain sweet wrappers work well for this project too, but make sure they are colourful and transparent. Click here for the instructions.  

Spider Web Activity

This is a game that is brilliant for working on those fine motor skills.  You’ll need some white wool, small spider rings or similar spider toys (you can find in many toy and craft shops at this time of year), clothes pegs and a basket that have holes in the sides.  The instructions on how to make the spider web activity can be found here. The aim of the activity is to grab out the small spiders using the clothes pegs – you’ve got to be very careful!

The Spooky Ghost

If you have a school aged child who loves science they will love this activity. Using the power of bicarbonate of soda and vinegar you can watch a ghost magically get bigger before your very eyes. You need a bottle, balloon, small funnel and the magic potions (bicarb of soda and vinegar).  Find the full instructions here.

Do you have a Halloween activity you love to do with the children? Come and tell us over on the official Golden Bear Toys Facebook page, we’d love to see your spooky arts and crafts.




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