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10 Firework Safety Tips for Guy Fawkes Night

Posted by Lynette Hammond on

Bonfire night safety tips

Remember, remember the 5th of November. It’s Guy Fawkes Night! A fun night for all the family, but it’s important to make sure that everyone remains safe.  There are many injuries that occur each year and about half of these injuries happen to children under the age of 17. Most of the injuries also happen at private parties or at home, so we’d like to help reduce that number by sharing some easy to follow tips to protect you and your children this year, and beyond.

  1. Have one or two buckets of water on hand, ideal for extinguishing fireworks, placing used sparklers and to use if there’s a fire.
  2. Spend time preparing the area, sweeping away any fallen leaves and any items that are flammable.
  3. Children under 5 years old should not be given sparklers, and use your best judgement for older children. Make sure the children are wearing gloves, that they understand to stand still and away from other people and to place the sparkler in the bucket once it has been spent. Stay with your child and supervise them carefully when using sparklers.
  4. Clearly mark out a space for the children and adults to stand, which is a safe distance away from the display.
  5. Fireworks should be stored in a metal box before they are used.
  6. Don’t return to a firework that doesn’t go off once lit. Wait for at least 20 minutes before submerging it in water.
  7. Never throw fireworks on a fire, even when they’ve been used.
  8. Check you are buying suitable and legal fireworks. All fireworks need to conform to the British Standards. Avoid buying the fireworks if you’re unsure about the shop or seller.
  9. The person in charge of setting off the fireworks needs to have eye protection, gloves and a torch.
  10. Make sure all pets are inside the home before you begin the bonfire and the fireworks.

We hope you have a fun and safe Guy Fawkes Night, whether you’re having a display in your own garden or attending an event.  Remember to share this tips with your children and please come and share your firework photos with us on the official Golden Bear Toys Facebook Page.

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