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The World of My 1st JCB is set to come alive!

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The team will continue with more construction fun as it expands in 2010 with new faces being added.

Marty Mixer is joining Joey JCB and friends as the joker of the pack who loves to mix things up! Also new is Tommy Truck who is the coolest member of the team as he can carry his digger friends -"Its time to hit the road". Both characters have their own unique phrases, sounds and movments.

 JCB fans can have real digger fun with the Sit n Ride Talking Elvis Excavator. With 10 fun phrases, horn, engine sounds and lever scoop, children can re-enact Elvis Excavator's scooping and digging - "no job is too small"

The famous characters have also been transformed into a new wooden range, with various puzzles and Digger Dominoes featuring one or more of the team.

Bathtimes are now set to be more fun with the My 1st JCB Squirters!

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