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New programmes on CBeebies this Autumn!

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As winter approaches, CBeebies will be keeping the children entertained as the nights draw in.

Galloping onto our screens is Mike the Knight the brand new series from HIT Entertainment. The show launched on CBeebies on 31st October and will be airing daily at 4.05pm.

Travel with Mike the Knight to an age filled with castles, quests, dragons, trolls and Vikings where his mission is to protect the kingdom, serve his Queen and become a fully-fledged Knight!

Watch out for the Mike the Knight arts and crafts products launching next year.

One of the most popular pre-school series on CBeebies is back this month, Driver Dan’s Story Train! New episodes will be airing daily from the 7th November at 5.30pm - also look out for the new character!!

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  • Tomas loves Peppa! It is one of 2 programs he atllaucy happy to sit down and watch, the other being mr tumble! The rest of tv is ignored. We now have bookes and few dvds. And Rob got personalised book for monkeys birthday! But I have bought him a tshirt and we were given peppa fire engine car. But no more mechandising for us []Poor Parenting Replies:August 6th, 2011 at 6:54 pmA personalised book! Woweee that sounds awesome. Lyra won’t sit down and watch a whole episode of anything but she does sqeal with delight and laugh when Peppa comes on. Shealso does that with Third and Bird. Ellie likes The Night Garden and Waybuloo (that is a WEIRD) programme![]

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